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Betting Strategies

Betting Strategies

Betting Strategies sequence Betting Strategies Stdategies undoubtedly a controversial concept. Take Strategiees of live betting. And these seconds can sometimes make a huge difference. Look for those with a proven track record of success and lots of followers. Betting Strategies


How To Develop A Winning Sports Betting Strategy! (5 Tips To Win More Bets)

Betting Strategies -

If you do not start the betting sequence with too high a stake, you cannot lose much and there is of course the possibility of starting a real streak when employing this betting strategy. The system is similar to another positive progression betting system known as a Paroli.

Both involve increased stakes after a win, and both involve a cycle of bets ending at a fixed point. The only real difference is the actual betting sequence.

There are not many systems that are easier to understand than and its simplicity is very appealing to many players. There are also a number of other benefits that contribute to its popularity. Of course, as in any betting system, there are also disadvantages.

We explore the positive and negative aspects of the below, along with the details and how it is used. Like many betting systems, the was designed for bets that pay out an even sum, like the red-black bets in roulette. In fact, it is widely used on the roulette table and in other casino games such as baccarat, dice games and blackjack.

As mentioned earlier, this is a very simple system. All you have to do is adjust your bets based on a few simple rules. First of all, you have to decide how high your betting unit should be. A bet unit is the amount you wager on the first bet in the sequence.

After every lost bet, the sequence ends and you start a new one — and again you insert a betting unit. If you win a bet, you adjust your stake according to the sequence And already we have the sequence. If you win the fourth, consecutive bet then the sequence is completed and you start all over again.

This is basically what the betting system is all about. Since this system is only a short cycle, there are few possible outcomes.

These are the following:. So, as you can see, only two of the possible outcomes of a cycle involve loss. A loss will only occur if the first or second bet is lost.

So, every time you win the first two bets, you cannot lose again in the same cycle. It may seem like the system makes it more likely to make money than to lose. But unfortunately, this is not true. Perhaps the greatest advantage of is that it is very simple and easy to learn.

In addition, your stake is not increased after a loss — this prevents the rapid loss of money, especially if you choose the size of your betting units sensitively. Another notable advantage is that after stopping the sequence after four consecutive wins and then going back to one unit, you are facing the possibility of a small winning streak.

There is a chance that you will win all four times in a row — and if you are lucky, your winnings will exceed the losses on bets you lost before. The system does not come without its disadvantages; the most striking is that there is nothing to beat the house edge that exists in any casino.

No betting system can do this. But it helps you to maintain discipline with a set of rules to be followed, because ultimately you still have to rely on your luck to win. If you get the wrong sequence of results, you will lose. The Fibonacci betting system is one of many betting strategies available today.

Here we explain what it is all about. Fibonacci sequence betting is undoubtedly a controversial concept. But there are definitely sports bettors who were able to achieve great success with it. This strategy carries some risks, but with the necessary luck and the right nose, you can be successful while employing this strategy.

The basic concept of betting according to the Fibonacci sequence is simple: bet on a tie. If you lose, just bet on the next tie according to a certain key and start increasing your stake. It is important that the odds for the tie are above 2.

The higher the rate, the better. If you lose, you simply bet the next tie after a Fibonacci sequence. It is a sequence of numbers in which the sum of two consecutive numbers results in the next number, making the Fibonacci sequence an infinite sequence of natural numbers. You can find more information about the Fibonacci sequence on Wikipedia.

It is mathematically understandable that every profit that you will achieve with this bet will offset the previous losses and you will even make a net profit.

If we now assume that the successful bet had odds of 2. The disadvantage of this strategy is also obvious. This is a huge bankroll, which you should of course never risk for such a betting sequence.

You can find more about this in our explanations on bankroll management. When betting according to the Fibonacci sequence, you depend on timely success. Otherwise, you will eventually no longer be able to afford the stakes and you will lose a lot of money.

Of course, this strategy can also work well. For example, you can focus on a specific team that is known to draw often. But purely based on the theory of probability, one day you will surely get into a stage that you can no longer manage financially.

There are of course numerous ideas, concepts and formulas that can help you calculate the ideal stake on a bet. One of them is the Kelly formula. Of course, this is no guarantee that you will always bet correctly and the assessment of how likely the outcome of a game is, does still remain up to you.

But the Kelly formula can help you choose the size of your bet. Now we can continue to calculate and find the best possible stake for this bet. The formula used to choose a reasonable stake looks like this:. The Kelly Formula hereby recommends that, given the probability that you have determined yourself and the odds you have chosen, you should bet 2.

Now, of course, the use of this formula also depends heavily on your assessment of the probability. Of course, caution is advised here because your bankroll can slide down very quickly this way. It is also possible that you will get a negative result when calculating the first value.

This happens if you bet too low with an expected probability of winning on an event with too low odds. Dutching is the process of betting on more than one selection during the same event, so that no matter which selection wins, a profit can be made. This should not be confused with arbitrage, which involves betting on all possible outcomes of an event, so that a guaranteed profit is generated.

This is only possible by using several bookmakers and only for a few events. Dutching is ideal for multi-outcome events where you think you can break the possible outcomes down to two or three; but in theory, you can bet on any number of selections.

The fewer selections you make in dutching, the fewer losers you support and the more profit you make from them. However, by dutching fewer selections, you increase your risk. Dutching is best used when you either have information or have a very strong feeling that an outcome is very unlikely.

If those unlikely outcomes have huge odds, then dutching is not worthwhile, but if you think the desired outcome is unlikely, then the remaining selections in dutching pay good dividends. The main characteristic of Dutching is that you win the same amount, but with all the different odds involved, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out the stakes required.

You know that your stake on the 0. To calculate how much you should bet on the other selection:. The total stake would then be In dutching, it is important that the selections you are betting on have combined odds. To pick the best bets, you still need to consider odds and choose events where your combined selections have the best chance of winning in relation to your odds, rather than simply supporting all of the selections you think might win.

When placing your Dutch bet, you have already worked out your stakes and total returns so that you can place the bet, with the same return for each outcome. To get the decimal odds for your bet, you simply divide your total stake by your returns. One of the greatest advantages of dutching is that it creates new opportunities for profit.

With dutching, you can get paid off for both of these situations. If you think a low-rated favourite is very unlikely to win, then two or more high-rated selections in this event could offer great value. If the added up returns from the combined bet are greater than the chance that those outcomes will win, you will generate value through dutching.

By dutching you reduce your overall odds, but increase your chances of winning your bet. In theory, this should result in more winning bets and therefore more frequent betting returns.

This helps to protect your betting account from dry spells and should also offer you some joy in betting. The more selections you make in dutching, the more you reduce your overall odds in each betting event. Whenever you decide to add new selections, you have to take into account the fact that your betting rate needs to improve, so that a certain level of profit can be maintained.

The same principles apply; the more choices you make, the more likely your bet will win, but the less money you will win. And on the contrary, the fewer selections you make, the less likely it is to win and the more profitable any winning bet is.

Have you ever regretted placing a particular bet and wished that you could somehow withdraw it? Or maybe you had doubts as to whether the team you supported could really hold the lead?

These properties give the speculator more control over the bets already placed and could ultimately make a big difference in the overall bankroll if you wager your cards correctly.

The early payout is often referred to as the cashout by most sports betting sites. The early withdrawal option allows sports bettors to withdraw their bets early, before they have been settled. So, you can either make a profit or get a part of your stake back, depending on your selection at that time.

The feature is available as soon as you have placed your pre-match or in-play bet and the payout amount will fluctuate based on the events taking place in the game. The cashout feature is available for individual bets and accumulator bets, but note that it does not apply to all bet types, such as the outcome 1×2 and some other popular markets.

Speculators can take advantage of the exciting option when placing their bets in soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket, baseball and even horse racing — on both desktop and mobile.

If the team or player you are supporting is in a winning position but is being led out by the opponent, then you should definitely make a cashout and secure the appropriate profit instead of watching your potential profit and stake vanish into thin air.

Your forecast proves correct and your choices lose the lead. Alternatively, the option of paying out can also be used to limit losses, which can be a very good strategy in the long term.

This may not seem like a popular strategy, but it can definitely help speculators stay afloat for longer periods of time. This bet has an interesting advantage due to the development of the odds.

Find a game where you expect an over 2. Only use this betting strategy for bets where you expect this. Before the game, the odds of an over 1.

In some cases, it is no higher than 1. But while the game is running and the goals are missing, this rate increases almost every minute and becomes more and more lucrative. Now you have to be patient.

Ideally — as with any bet — you should watch the game live at the same time in order to have the greatest possible advantage. Now wait until the bet has odds between 1.

The higher the better, but of course the timing is important. If a goal is scored, the bet is over before it has even started and you have to find a new game.

This strategy only works if it is long enough. Usually, you will have to wait until the 35th to 55th minute so that the odds on the over 1. However, we recommend that you still bet in the first half — it is important that the odds are 1.

You analyzed the game before kick-off and expected an over 2. And we are eagerly awaiting the first goal as soon as the bet is played. If a goal is scored quite early after your bet, then you have — at least with most bookmakers who allow this — a profitable exit strategy: The odds for the over 1.

You will definitely get out with a plus. The riskier option is to wait for the second goal and win the bet anyway. Here it is of course advisable to watch the game live.

Expected Goals are a useful tool in football betting sites , as well as most other ball sports sites. Essentially, they show how well a team should have performed, based on the chances offered to them.

There are plenty of advanced metrics which can help predict a match outcome. Betting on draws is often one of the best sports betting strategies, especially in football. Most punters naively bet on their favourite team to win and ignore draws completely.

Thus, there is often great value in draw betting. A staking plan is a system that tells you how much of your bankroll to place on each bet. We have already discussed the Kelly Criterion as a relevant system for sports betting.

At the same time, there are plenty of sports bettors who use staking plans that were actually designed for casino games like roulette. The Fibonacci betting system is a negative progression betting system.

The idea is to increase your stake after a loss and decrease it after a win. The idea is that if you bet more after a loss, you can recuperate money that you lost on previous bets. The bet size follows the Fibonacci sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21,… , with each bet the sum of the previous two.

The Labouchère staking method is another negative progression system. It is a lot like the Fibonacci system, except that it is slightly more complicated. You start with writing down a sequence of numbers, with your bet always the sum of the first and last number.

If you lose, you add a number to the sequence. If you win, you remove a number from the sequence. The Martingale staking method is the easiest negative progression staking plan.

Here you simply double up after a loss. Doubling your bet after a loss to win back your loss does work in an ideal set of circumstances, which unfortunately do not exist in real life. You would have to have an infinite bankroll, play a game with no house edge, and play at a table that has no limits on bet size.

This is why these staking plans have little relevance. Looking for value and managing your bankroll makes much more sense. It is not a betting strategy itself, but it can be useful to help you identify your most successful betting strategy.

This can ultimately help you identify which bets you should focus on and which you should discard. Implementing the markets which you tend to do better add could create a positive pattern leading to more winnings.

While this may not be an issue for a beginning punter, as soon as you start making a serious ROI for your bets, you need to avoid being gubbed.

Punters who win too much, or use strategies like matched betting, hedge betting or arbitrage betting will often be excluded from betting promos or even have their bet size restricted. Tipsters can be a great for finding smart bets, and are often successful punters who are so good that they are no longer accepted by bookies, or have their bets limited so they can only make a small amount of money.

They usually sell their tips as a subscription service. Of course, you should be wary of fraudsters who sell bogus tips. Banks is renowned for his betting expertise and tips.

Tony Bloom is a famous sports bettor from Britain, and is well known for making huge sums of cash from sporting events. Bloom now owns Brighton and Hove Albion football club, as well as StarLizard, which is a betting consultancy firm. There are quite a few reasons to have multiple betting accounts.

If you are planning to use hedge betting, matched betting, or even arbitrage betting, it is important or even essential to have multiple betting accounts. Bookies will not be pleased if you hedge your bets on the same site as where you place your original bets.

Additionally, the risk of gubbing makes it a good idea to spread your larger bets over multiple sites. Bookies love new customers, which is why they offer great welcome promotions. These range from Bet £10 Get £20 offers to a return of investment if your bet loses, and many more.

After the initial welcome offer, betting sites offer bet boosts, free bets, and several other specials, especially during a major tournament. The more bookies you are signed up to, the of these deals you'll be able to claim.

A few sportsbook aggregators even let you combine bookies on a single platform. This allows you to shop odds without the need to create multiple accounts.

Any smart punter would do well to consider how bookies make their money. This gives you an insight into how they create their odds and helps you consider how you can outsmart them.

Balancing the books and making sure there is an overround can be highly useful, among other betting strategies. Overround vigourish, vig, or juice in American English is an essential key for how bookies make profit. This means that each bet you place has a margin of profit for the bookies, which is similar to the house edge in casino games.

Of course, bookies might even make a profit regardless of the overround, as many naïve punters simply double up on their wins and chase their losses. While there are multiple valid betting strategies, every betting strategy that works has one thing in common: a way to find value in betting.

Looking for value means looking for outcomes that are undervalued by bookies. Another important aspect is bankroll management.

Even if you bet systematically on value bets, there is still a chance that you lose your whole bankroll. Arbitrage betting is the best way to bet, since by betting on both outcomes, you can have a guaranteed profit.

Still, arbing possibilities are hard to find, making them the holy grail of sports betting. The best bets are value bets. It only makes sense to bet if you see value in it. If you think something is more likely to happen than bookie odds imply, you can estimate how much value it has.

The only way to win consistently is to find value bets. As long as you have a betting strategy to find value, you can win more than you lose. While chasing steam, fading the public and looking for outliers are universal ways of finding value in bets, there can be betting strategies as diverse as punters themselves.

Deciding who will likely win a match can be done in various mathematical, statistical, or intuitive ways. Get creative, make your own rankings, invent your own models, or simply follow your gut.

As long as you have a way of finding value and a smart bankroll management strategy , you can make long-term profits! A football fanatic at heart, Jeremy can always been found watching, playing or talking about sports.

Check our help guide for more info. Best betting sites for smart punters. Popular betting strategies explained. strategies for long-term profit. Table of Contents. The Basics of Betting Strategy Common Betting Strategies Long-Term Betting Strategies Statistical Methods of Betting Strategy The Pareto Principle in Sports Betting What is Gubbing?

Following Tipsters Multiple Betting Accounts How Bookies Make Money Sports Betting Strategy FAQs ThePuntersPage Final Say. Better odds for a better profit Offer a specific football stats centre Bet £10 get £30 credited as 2 x £15 bets.

Details Close. MAIN FEATURES. Bet £10 get £ Claim bonus. New customers using Promo code R30 only. Bet Responsibly. org ad. Previous team form available on match centre for specific matches Terrific results section on site Live stat updated for in-play football matches.

Bet £10 Get £ Min deposit requirement. Free Bets are paid as Bet Credits and are available for use upon settlement of qualifying bets. Min odds, bet and payment method exclusions apply. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. Great football stats centre Over 30 sports available Well-known UK bookmakers with thousands of users.

Free bets valid for 7 days, stake not returned. Source: bet Source: Paddy Power. OVER-UNDER 2. OVER-UNDER 0. OVER-UNDER 1. OVER-UNDER 3. OVER-UNDER 4. HT-OVER-UNDER 0. HT-OVER-UNDER 1. HT-OVER-UNDER 2. LEAGUES CUPS. Top Leagues. English Premier League. French Ligue 1. German Bundesliga.

Spanish La Liga. Argentine Primera División. Australian A-League. Austrian Bundesliga. Belgian First Division A. Brazilian Serie A. Chinese Super League. Croatian Football League HNL. Cyprus 1. Czech Fortuna Liga. Danish Superliga. Dutch Eredivisie. League One. League Two.

Nat League N. Nat League S. Eng Women's Super L. Finnish Veikkausliiga. French Ligue 2. German 2. Greek Super League. Irish Premier Division. Italian Serie B.

Japanese J-League. Norwegian Eliteserien. Polish Ekstraklasa. Portuguese Primeira Liga. Russian Premier League. Saudi Pro League. Scottish Premiership. Scottish Championship. Spanish Segunda División. Swedish Allsvenskan. Swiss Super League.

Turkish Süper Lig. Ukranian Premier League. US Major League Soccer MLS. Win : The number of matches a team has won. Unbeaten : The number of matches a team has either won or drawn.

Draw : The number of matches a team has drawn. Lose : The number of matches a team has lost. Total Home Away. Explore our Football Stats.

Source: bwin. Arbitrage Betting.

Of course, you Betting Strategies. Every sports fan Bettign of hitting that Strategjes, life-changing betting jackpot. Join us as we walk Betting Strategies through the 7 best Betring strategies for sports recommended by the ElitePickz team. Stick with the following sports betting methods to boost your betting winning percentage :. One of the best sports betting strategies is to keep your emotions under control. Instead, stick to the stats and facts. Do your homework and understand the math behind the matchups. Stratefies betting strategy also Betting Strategies as betting Betting Strategies is Strtegies structured approach Betting Strategies gamblingBetting Strategies the attempt to produce Betting Strategies Casinos con Programas de Devolución de Dinero. To be Betting Strategies, the system Strategiea change the Strwtegies edge into a Bettinb advantage — Bettkng is impossible for pure games of probability with fixed odds, akin to a perpetual motion machine. Mathematically, no betting system can alter long-term expected results in a game with random, independent trialsalthough they can make for higher odds of short-term winning at the cost of increased risk, and are an enjoyable gambling experience for some people. Strategies which take into account the changing odds that exist in some games e. card counting and handicappingcan alter long-term results.

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