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Pastor Saeed Abedini Asks Senators & Congressmen for Urging to Release Maryam Naghash Zargaran


Pastor Saeed abedini  had a wonderful time with Senator James Lankfort of Oklahoma and Congressman Robert Pittenger,On Thursday june 10 2016. Read More »

Iran: Arash Sadeghi Arrested to Serve a 19-Year-Term in Prison


Arash sadeghi was arrested by Verdict Execution officers on June 7, 2016 and sent to the notorious Evin prison. Arash,30 went to Shahid Moghadasi court of Evin to get information on his sentencing status when he was arrested and sent to prison to serve a 19-year-term imprisonment, said his relative. He is being held at quarantined section, Ward 4 of ... Read More »

Iran: Critical Condition of the Imprisoned Christian Convert Maryam Naghash Zargaran


Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran, the prisoner of conscience, who is kept at Women Ward in the notorious Evin prison, is in grave danger of her life. Maryam had started a hunger strike on May 26 in protest against the systematic violence of her basic rights such as medical care, conditional release and her unknown fate in the prison, whereupon, she ... Read More »

Iran’s Officials Arrest Civil Rights Activist Shima Babai


By: @TaheriKaveh   Iran’s Officials Arrest Civil Rights Activist Shima Babai Shima Babai, the civil rights activist, was arrested by IRGC officials in a raid at her father’s house on May 25, 2016. Officials seized her personal belongings- books, hand writings and cell phones- in the attack, BCR Group has learned. Read More »

Germany:40,000 Christians persecuted by Muslims


A new study shows that potentially thousands of Christians have been attacked and harassed in German migrant homes by Muslim guards and fellow migrants. Read More »

Excruciating Life and Turmoil of a Christian Convert prisoner after Release in Iran!


By: @TaheriKaveh Excruciating Life and Turmoil of a Christian Convert prisoner after Release in Iran! Hussein Saketi Taromsari, known as Stephen, was reportedly jailed since 2013 to 2014 for alleged charges of spreading Christian faith, VOCIR has learned. Read More »

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani and his wife were arrested again!


According to reports from Christian activists in Iran to Iranian Christian Voice Agency. Security forces raid to Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani home in Rasht-Iran, he and his wife Fatima (Tina) with Christian activist Yaser Mosayeb Zadeh arrested and moved to an unknown location.(may 13 2016) Read More »

Iran: 27 Imprisoned Sunnis Are at Imminent Risk of Execution in Rajai Shahr Prison


The head of Ward four of the notorious Rajai Shahr prison stopped by Hall Ten to tell the imprisoned Sunnis that their verdict of capital punishment has been referred to Verdict Execution Unit for possible execution. “Write pardon letter if you like, I don’t want to feel guilty later”, Mr. Shojai told them on April 30, 2016. Read More »

Iran Court Sentences a Five-Year-Old Kid!


A Lorestan court has issued an arrest warrant for a five-year-old child who allegedly injured his playmate during a game. Read More »

Imprisoned Physicist Omid Kokabee Contracted Kidney Cancer


Saeed Khalili, a lawyer in an interview with IRNA said: Unfortunately, numerous examinations in the hospital found a malignant tumor in Omid Kokanee’s kidney. Omid Kokabee has contracted renal cell carcinoma with a malignant tumor in his right kidney, the lawyer affirmed. Read More »