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Iran: Imprisoned Christian converts Back to Prison


Maryam(nasim) naghash zragran  Imprisoned Christian converts for her christ faith ,back to prison after Tehran Prosecutor rejected Her Renewable medical furlough. Read More »

Iran:Conditional realase Preventing For Iranian Facebook active prisoner


Many in the West talk of the “moderation” of #Iran’s regime. Foreign Minister Mohamed #Zarif flies around the world claiming that Iran is committed to peace, justice and #HumanRights. That would come as #news to the thousands of political prisoners languishing in Iranian jail for nothing more than advocating freedom and #democracy. Read More »

Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force proud to showcase outdoor cage


Here the Islamic Republic of Iran,Shiraz is holding camp Afghan Interim,Here is not a prison, and they were not committed a crime. Read More »

Iran:Testimony of Christ faith Before excuting+video


steal the money of people and all have a dirty life’s. Read More »

Five Christian Converters Arrested By intelligence service Forces of Iran.


 Informed On Fri 26th August, five Iranian Christians were arrested in Firuzkuh north of Tehran during a family & friends retreat. The families and friends of those arrested are deeply concerned for their welfare. Read More »

Top 10 Innocent Women Executed in Iran+Video


AUGUST 28, 2016 6:25 PM BY JAMIE GLAZOV10 COMMENTS Read More »

Iran:Iranian Christian converts sentenced to Death


He was active in Line and Instagram Social networks. Read More »

Iranian Morality Police Arrest Popular Underground Musician Amir Tataloo


Iranian Morality Police Arrest Popular Underground Musician Amir Tataloo Read More »

Iran: new missiles will be designed specifically to kill US ships


Iran Says New Missiles Will Be Designed Specifically To Kill US Ships,” by Russ Read, Daily Caller, August 22, 2016: Read More »

US paid Islamic Republic of Iran $1.3 billion owed to Shah’s regime


“The administration agreed to pay Iran $1.7 billion to compensate that country for its payment to the U.S. in 1979 for military equipment. That deal fell through after Iran’s government was overthrown, and the Obama administration has said it owes Iran this money, plus interest.” Read More »