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پناهجویان ایران لب‌هایشان را در مرز یونان دوختندچند پناهجوی ایرانی همراه با دو پناهجوی دیگر لب‌هایشان را در مرز مقدونی...

‎Posted by ‎Tavaana: E-Learning Institute for Iranian Civil Society توانا: آموزشکده جامعه مدنی ایران‎ on‎ سه‌شنبه, نوامبر 24, 2015

Video:Iranian refugees behind blocked border Greece-Macedonia

According to (Vocir) iranian refugees behind closed border Greece-Macedonia  have sewed their lips in protest against the policy of migration as being allowed to continue their journey to Europe. The protest took place on Monday 24 November 2015.

In this video iranian refugees have Appeal to open border  open too as ,Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees.

Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees, are allowed through but those deemed economic migrants — mainly people from Iran, Pakistan and Bangladesh — are blocked.

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