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A letter from Afghanistan
United Nations

A letter from Afghanistan


*This letter was sent to us so that we could share its message.  Please share.*

A letter from Afghanistan Pashtun to the Secretary General of the United Nations
Sir, I am writing this letter on behalf of millions of Pashtun to express our deep concern about the ongoing killing and brutalization of our people in both sides of Durand Line. It has been four decades that Pashtun have been discriminated against, abducted, and bombed by the hand of Pakistan establishment. Pakistan Army and militants use extreme violence against civilian populations in the region. Children suffer the most. The tragedy of child victims of conflict cannot and must not leave us unmoved. Children are prevented from going to school due to conflict and curfew. Living in fear has a disastrous impact on their health as well as their soul.
Pashtun have a right to protest against these atrocities and their appalling conditions, but whenever the Pashtun demand their rights under the Pakistani Constitution and international law, the establishment labels us as Indian agents and traitors, to legalize their brutality. To avoid further indiscriminate attacks on Pashtun and innocent civilians, the UN must send a message to the Pakistani establishment to stop the violations and violence immediately. We ask that the UN send a delegation for an independent International inquiry into the extra-judicial killing and arrest of Pashtun who are ignored and oppressed by the Pakistani military. Children are confronted with physical harm, violence, danger, and exploitation. Fearful and lost, many children are forced to flee. Many of them witness the death of loved ones. Communities are ripped apart and can no longer provide a secure environment for children.

Again please share this to help bring attention to sufferring and raise awareness.

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