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Midnight Raids On Christians, By Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp

Midnight Raids On Christians, By Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp


According to News sources, around midnight the Revolutionary guard Corp’s intelligence forces stormed the house of Christian activist’s in Karaj.


In early morning hours they stormed 8 houses simultaneously. They savagely took them, and there is no information on their status or whereabouts. Their families have no information. Four were arrested, Amin Khaki, Milad Goudarzi, Shabab Shahi, Alireza Nour Mohammadi.

It should be noted that the pastor of the Church of Karaj has been arrested four times in the past 4 years, during the presidency of Hassan Rouhani. He was arrested in Susa in March 2013 along with 89 Christians (Read more)

It also should be noted that the forces affiliated with the Islamic Republic of Iran carry out such raids to terrorize Christians. Especially on the eve of Christian festivals.

Iran is number 8 on Open Doors World Watch list for persecution of Christians. Christian converts in Iran are frequently charged with acting against National Security and propaganda against the state and apostasy, these charges are punishable by long-term imprisonment or death sentences.
The Open Doors list is indicative of the persecution of infinite Christians. The situation in Iran has not changed despite the promises Rouhani made before his last presidential election. It has been worse! Article 18 of the universal Declaration of Human Rights, which the Iranian government is one of the countries committed to its implementation, states that every human being has the right to freedom of thought, religion including freedom of dissent, the conversion of religion and the freedom to publicize religion and express opinions, whether alone, collectively or in combination, in the form of teaching, performing rights, worshiping, and observing it in public, or in private.

However the Islamic Republic continues to refrain from implementing what it has committed to, and religious minorities in Iran are still persecuted. It is clear that the Iranian government by refusing to recognize its commitment, has transformed the country’s law into a single religious Shiite Islamic law.

All rights are submitted to the Shiite Islam worship and violations of the rights of Christians, Baha’is, Jews, and Sunni Muslims and are executed by the Shiite extremist elements and are fully supported by the Supreme Leader Ali Khomeini.


Translated from VOCIR Persian

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