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Iranian Assylum Seeker Deported By Norway Receives 80 Lashes

Iranian Assylum Seeker Deported By Norway Receives 80 Lashes


On Tuesday Layla Bayat received 80 lashes in Tehran,  after seeking asylum in March from the Norwegian government.   They refused to help her and she was extradited to Iran, where her sentence of 80 lashes was carried out. Mahmoud Amirimghdam, the spokeswoman for the human rights organization of Iran, said it’s a Pity that International authorities like Norway, who are renowned for respecting human rights, and especially the rights of women in the world, are willing to send a woman who had escaped lashing, back to Iran.   In this case the Norwegian authorities did not perform their Humane and legal duties  assuring that Layla would be treated humanely Upon returning to Iran.   Instead they ignored evidence that the sentence of lashes for Layla was true.  Therefore in addition to Iran performing human rights abuse and inhumanely punishing by lashing, the Norwegian government must also accept responsibility for this abuse of Human Rights.

At 1 p.m. on Tuesday according to the Iranian Human Rights Council, Layla Bayat received 80 lashes on order of Branch 3 of public prosecutor’s office.

She was arrested in 2007 with three friends for drinking alcohol, and ultimately sentenced to 80 lashes at the district guidance tribunal and the 21st district.   They were released on $7,000,000 bail.   They tried to change their sentence to 2 and 1/2 years unsuccessfully.  Layla and her five-year-old son immigrated to Norway to seek Asylum, but her application was repeatedly rejected by Norway’s immigration authorities.

Layla’s statement to the human rights organization of Iran: ” I told them of our treatment and problems, but the Norwegian government refused to file my case 7 times,  and did not accept the documents I provided.   They said the court ordered evidence the attorney had, and everything I provided, was fabricated and my case was a lie.   They said our expert at the Norwegian Embassy in Iran examined my evidence, and said that such a sentence was not carried out in Iran.   Eventually they gave me two years to leave the whole of Europe and separated me from my 13 year old son, and I was deported to Iran.   I was very angry before returning to Iran angry about why this should happen to make me flea my country,  and now I’m angry with the Norwegian government.   There was a law here that we were sentence for non-compliance, but I had taken Refuge with the Norwegian government where I thought I would be safe.”


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