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10 Iranian Christian Converts In Iran Receive Unjust Lengthy Sentences


The total reported earlier of recent Iranian Christian converts in Iran that have been targeted for long-term imprisonment and Exile by the courts has risen from 8 to 10.

Those named Christians facing heavy sentences are Youcef Nadarkhani, Victor Bet Tamraz, mohammad-Reza omidi,  Muhammad Ali Musayyib zade, Zaman fadaei, Sawada AGhasar (summon for serving) Hadi Asgari and Amin Afshar nadery.

This recent inhumane punishment and resumption of Iranian intelligence forces attacking Christian convert in recent days in Iran was ordered by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Judge Ahmad zadeh in Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court, on Shariati Street, presented a draft decision (without legal justification) to the lawyer of Yosef nadarkhani,Mohammad Reza Hope and Muhammad Ali Musayyib each were sentenced to 10 years in prison.

In addition Pastor Youssef nadarkhani was sentenced to two years exile to the city and Mohammad Reza omidi to two years Exile in Borozjan City.
Two other Christian converts named Hadi Asghari and Amin Afshar nadery were sentenced to 10 years and an additional Five Years on charges of blasphemy making it a total of 15 years each.

Pastor Victor of the Assyrian  Pentecostal is the son of a priest, with 12 Christian converts,  on December 26th 2014 were held in his house by officers in plain clothes and were arrested.

Hassan Rouhani after his promises in relation to ethnic and religious minorities and Iran released a 10-point statement after his election.  He said article 12 of the Iranian Constitution explains that the official religion of Iran is Islam the religion of Jafari twelvers.  However followers of other Islamic sects as Hanafi Shafi’i Maliki Hanbali, and zaydi are not a minority but the same principle is applied, so the followers of these religious sects are fully respected.

The principle of the Constitution despite the emphasis of MP’s and Presidents did not come into full force.  A cleric in the sixth paragraph of the 10 points said the rights of followers and other religions for non interference in religious Affairs, was emphasized and explained that by providing freedom and religious beliefs and the possibility of carrying out customs and worship in their religion can in the same way be used to observe the rights of minorities.

Hassan Rouhani by selecting Antqadbrangryz Ali Younesi,  a former Minister of information,  as a special assistant in the Affairs of religious and ethnic minorities, tried to take steps to implement the statement , however all these promises are empty promises and shows that empty promises is the only truth in the Islamic Republic.

This editors note:  I stand with these precious people in demanding the UN and world leaders end these heinous Human Rights abuses by the current Iranian Regime.


Translated from VOCIR Persian

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