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A Political Prisoner In Evin Prison Addresses Ambassadors

A Political Prisoner In Evin Prison Addresses Ambassadors


Last week, the illegitimate government of Iran,  through the criminal justice division invited 45 Ambassadors of Foreign countries to visit the notorious Evin prison.

This was done in order to show the world that they are not torturing prisoners and are promoting Human Rights.

Making false claims and showing many jobs in prison,  classes, literature phone calls to family and visits weekly.

One political prisoner held in Evan prison challenges the ambassadors as to why they believe this show from the Iranian government.  They write most specifically to the South Korean Ambassador.

Here is his letter translated from Persian, I apologize for the mistakes you can read the full article and watch the video of the Ambassadors if you click here.

So to the South Korean Ambassador,  you have a responsibility and Mission in authority given to you by this regime of Evin prison regardless of your comments of approval.

How many blood-stained tyrants have you seen?   Please answer. What are the statistics in your country of political prisoners such as Human rights Activists,  teachers, NGO workers and journalists?   What is the statistics of child labor?   Statistics on crime?   How does sentenced prisoners in Iran compare in your country, due to Cabinet collapse or oil collapse?  Abductions, robbery, bribery,  execution of tens of thousands, addiction, prostitution and unemployment?  And also the treatment of the working people, such as disclosures of salaries corruption of astronomical proportions, with the trial of the mayor of the treasury used to imprison his relatives.  Then Evin prison showcases an ornamental view of a perfect life inside the prison, and still after meeting with prisoners and poor and the poor and oppressed women you don’t see the truth.

Have you seen the cemetery and grave sites and other Mass graves in Behesht E Zahra cemetery,  in  Iran that show the crimes of this regime that it is inhumane and corrupt?

As a political prisoner three of my family members have been killed and many have spent 45 years in prison suffering at the hands of this inhumane and corrupt regime.

Ambassador I recommend you do not give honor to these hands of this corrupt regime,  do not fall into the show of propaganda and Corruption.   If you really want to see the truth,  look at these Mass Graves.  Look at the many nameless cemeteries.   Go with this to know the truth of the corrupt regime that more than 60 times the UN has raised the issue of Human Rights abuses in Iran.   I condemn these statements of approval to the regime.
Look at Karaj Gohardasht prison for the truth.

End of letter
Note from this editor:  I stand with the prisoners of Iran.   I stand against the heinous Human Rights abuses committed by this regime.   I stand with the prisoners of conscience, the many political Prisoners,  the political activists, the human rights activists.  The Many religious prisoners like Christians and Bahai.   I stand with them and condemn this regime I call on all Ambassadors and the UN to stand firm on its policy for Iran to clean up its human rights abuses if we don’t speak for them who will? I call on all to look past the propaganda put forth by this regime.   Share their stories with the hashtag stop Iran’s human rights abuses.

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