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Maryam Naghash Zargaran Attacked In Iranian Prison

Maryam Naghash Zargaran Attacked In Iranian Prison


Maryam Naghash Zargaran (Nasim) in Evin prison in Iran, has been under increasing pressure there from officials and fellow inmates.  She has been placed into cells with criminals.
A few days ago, an argument over phone time ensued when Nasim asked to use her time on the phone and a 54 year old woman, convicted as a thief attacked her pushing her to the ground.  Injury to her foot was reported as others reported the attack.  It was ignored and despite pleas from Nasim and her family her condition worsens and her leg appears broken.  Officials have denied access to her family to appeal on Nasim’s behalf.

She was granted a short reprieve after her hunger strike to seek medical attention and then ordered back to prison with an additional sentence of 45 days added.  So instead of her release she is still languishing in prison.  She suffers from several medical conditions such as a heart condition, that’s very serious.
Iran is known for releasing then re-arressting at their will.  They have done this with other political and religious prisoners in a clear violation of human rights.

Rouhani recently (according to reports) let the world know of his twisted intention for Christians.  In his campaign bid for re-election he said this by tweet:
“Here I come for the second time for Iran and for Islam. I would like all Iranians to come for the second time to the ballot box to support me for Iran, for Islam.”

He wants everyone to vote for Islam.  He is not moderate as the West thinks.
Leaving Christian converts to torture from the regime for in their opinion, overthrowing the Islamic government.
Iran accepts some of the Christian population there, the Armenian Christians specifically and they are given some freedoms that others are not.  Iran says they were born Christian and accepts this.  However, the Evangelical Christian converts are targeted for even death for attempting to overthrow the government.  Remember the government is totally and completely about the Iranian Regime’s Islamic beliefs.  They are all about forcing the Middle East and the world to accept this brand of totalitarianism.    No tolerance for others who want freedom to believe another way or the half of population that are women, who are also denied freedom to dress as they wish without a head covering.  Representatives of the government even label them as prostitutes.
All other churches or communities of Christians are forced under ground.  Forced to worship in secret.
Two converts were recently dragged from their church, computers seized and they were arressted.  Christians are afraid to speak because it brings the police.

There are many Christians still in prison under these ludicrous charges as well as political and Human Rights activists.  This will not change, the world needs to recognize that this is where the war is.  It’s fighting for even the basic right to believe what you want.  A freedom the West takes for granted.  This will not change under the current regime.

They have intelligence agents throughout the west, reporting on all who have safely fled Iran still reporting that they wish to overthrow the government because they are free, and speak out about the heinous human rights abuses of the Iranian regime.  This is one way they spread terror throughout the world.

Speak out about these abuses.  Share these stories don’t let them be forgotten.
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