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Breaking: Deadly Terror Attack In Iran

Breaking: Deadly Terror Attack In Iran


Another deadly attack, this time in Iran.  ISIS quickly claimed responsibility, and according to reports said the attack was for Syria.
Gunmen entered Iran’s Parliament dressed as women, and began firing, and reports say that a suicide bomber also detonated a bomb on the 4th floor.   They also say there are 4 hostages.   Reports say at least 8 killed and 30 wounded.  BBC is reporting 12 killed.  At the same time 2 suicide bombers and gunmen attacked tomb of  Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the leader of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

This twin attack would be the first for Iran.  Claiming attacks on the Shia led government of Iran will be devasting not only for the region but for the innocent people there.  Most especially political and Human Rights activists and religious minorities.  As reported by the Independent a quote by an analyst who tweeted:  “Iran’s response to this could utterly transform the shape of the war against [Isis], which is, of course, exactly what [Isis] wants,”  is correct.

This will leave massive ripples creating a danger in Iran and across the region.

There are alot of terrorist attacks around the world, and even in Cheshire they showed a response of less than half an hour.   The quality level of the rapid reaction forces of the Islamic Republic was so low that the terrorist operation lasted hours.

This is ongoing and we will update as information becomes available.  Pray for the innocent people of Iran.

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