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Arash Sadeghi Needs Your Voice, He Is In Danger

Arash Sadeghi Needs Your Voice, He Is In Danger




While the world’s attention is on Syria, Iran is getting away with murder.  Literally.  By ignoring the rapidly deteriorating condition of Arash Sadehgi they are complicit.  Iran continues it’s rampage of destruction in the world and is literally squeezing the life out of it’s citizens.

We have learned of disturbing news coming from Evin Prison in Iran.  United for Iran is reporting that “Inmates from Evin prison are warning the warden of a human catastrophe as Arash Sadehgi’s health worsens.  The last reports we had on Arash cited  multiple health issues stemming from his 72 day hunger strike to protest his wife’s illegal arrest.

He has suffered respiratory distress, kidney failure and a host of other life threatening risks.  And has been denied proper medical attention for these diseases.  Despite promises from the guards that he would receive medical attention and his wife would be released and her case reviewed.  None of these promises have been kept.  He had an intial assessment, and his wife’s case has been ignored.  In fact she is in prison, and they have been denied visits with each other.

Please share this on social media.  Send a message to Iran that the world is watching them and will hold them accountable for crimes against humanity.



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