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Can You Hear The Voices Still Crying From The Darkness

Can You Hear The Voices Still Crying From The Darkness


Recent days as some attempt to shed light on the darkness of the current Iranian regime, like Senator Bob Corker and others here, show’s an increase in voices calling from the darkness of Iran not only for help, but to show their Faith and freedom can not be taken from their very souls.

There are so many voices crying out it’s difficult to name them all or even separate their cries.  I will highlight a few, but the many voices are no longer whispering, they cry out for help, help that doesn’t come.  Through all the torture we have laid out against religious and political prisoners, (prisoners of conscience) we find a light that shines through their pain, through their darkness, and we can not hide this light.  We must speak out and hold Iran accountable.  Iran’s security police have stepped up arrests recently ahead of the upcoming election.  Lives are in danger.  Human rights abuses are quickly turning into crimes against humanity.

A letter from Ibrahim Firouzi has surfaced, and in this letter he highlights the abuse of Iran toward it’s own citizens, by denying basic rights that Western countries have.  Like fair wages, fair markets, and freedom of conscience choices.  Despite Iran signing an International covenant for Human Rights, these dark practices of abuse increase.  Ibrahim made this brave statement at the end of his letter.  A voice crying out from the darkness in essence stating, that they can not separate them from the love of God or the Freedom given them by God Himself.

“Know therefore, no threats of arrests or restrictions that you enforce on Christians in prison can separate us from the love of God in Jesus Christ! The attempts revealed of the Iranian Government to lay blame on our innocence, ruled by sin, but through Jesus Christ, we are justified and given the gift of Freedom.” (Read his whole statement, google will translate, click here)

We have shared many times about the plight of Maryam Naghash (Nasim) Zargaran, a Christian woman in prison in Iran for her faith and mission work with Saeed Abidini.  Now today Saeed posts a video of her praying for Christians in the West.  In the midst of her darkness she reaches out and prays for us.  Her faith is unwavering, but her body grows weak and she desperately needs our voice and support.  The video Saeed shared show’s Nasim crying and telling us that her heart is breaking for us, and she prayed for the world.  A world that has failed her and the others there.

Arash Sadeghi and his wife, Golrahk remain in prison in Iran, lost in the vicious circle of abuse.  Arash speaks out for freedom, Golrahk was targeted because of his voice and an unpublished article she wrote about the stoning of women in Iran.  His health is very poor also, while he is denied medical treatment.

Another 2 Christians were arrested recently and the family does not know where they are, and there is no news of their fate.  Their Bibles and Computers were confiscated, and they were abducted by security forces.

iran prisoners

I here over and over what can I do?  You can start by sharing these voices, expose as much light as possible on the dark Human Rights Abuses by the Iranian Regime.  The more their voices are shared, the more the regime will pay attention.  The more their voices are shared, the more light will shine on them.  There is a clear abuse of these and women in Iran.  Women are beaten every day for improper (improper according to the regime) coverings when in public.  They are beaten for holes in their clothing, they are beaten for attending mixed company parties, they are beaten for riding a bike in public.  Why can’t the West hear their voices?  Why does the West ignore them?

Again, I say, share, share, share, and speak out.



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