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Religious Prisoner In Iran Asks: “Will Things Ever Be All Right Again”

Religious Prisoner In Iran Asks: “Will Things Ever Be All Right Again”


Maryam (Nasim) Naghash Zargaran asked this question not long ago.  She remains in Prison in Iran, for her faith in Christ and her work with Saeed Abidini.  While she ended her hunger strike last year with promises of better conditions and release, and was released for temporary reprieves, each time they added time to her original sentence.  This mental torture, alone is causing great anxiety, and depression.  She is unable to eat, and is becoming very weak.  Unable to participate in activities of daily living.  She once asked me, “Will things ever be all right again?”  She wears the cloak of hope, but her soul is crying out for relief.

Please pray for her and her family.  I can not imagine what it would be like to watch your child, or your sister suffer in this manner, unable to help.  Maryam also asked recently  in a letter she wrote to officials in Iran, “Is Christianity a crime in Iran?”  It appears this is the case, although she never received an official reply to my knowledge, the constant attack on Christians and Human Rights activists in Iran proves that Christians and those who seek freedom from oppression are tortured, arrested and even executed for speaking out.  Just in the last few weeks, two more Christians were arrested.  No formal charges that we know of has been brought.  Their computers and Bibles were seized and their families were threatened.

The families of those in Prison are under constant threats, and fear of retaliation from the Iranian police.  No one should endure this.  No one.

Please pray for Maryam, her condition is worsening.  Tell her you support her.  Tell the world we are watching, and demanding that the Iranian regime immediately release her and the others.  And stop these heinous human rights abuses.  #Freethemnow

Editors update:  We have just received an urgent request from those close to this situation to share, share to everyone as Iran pay’s attention to the world’s response and sharing can help Maryam’s situation.


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