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Urgent Update-Irans Heinous Abuse Of Women In Prison

Urgent Update-Irans Heinous Abuse Of Women In Prison


We have just learned our sister Maryam Naghash Zargaran who returned to prison recently is in dire situation.  She has a heart condition that is prevalent and causing her health to deteriorate, coupled with depression over her situation she is unable to do anything but sleep.

We are very concerned about her.  Her prison sentence is due to end but every time they have given her a furlough for treatment they have added months to her sentence.

To bring this into perspective it’s like taking a payday loan every week, it makes it impossible for you to get out of debt.  By doing this it ensures that this rigime in Iran can continue their heinous abuses for years.  Not only torturing the prisoners but their families also.

Pray for Marayam, pray for healing and strength.  Share her story.

We have also learned of another woman, a rights activist who was recently released from prison, and took her own life.  She couldn’t bear the trauma she endured in prison.  Trauma that included rape.  Now the regime is threatening her family.
This by another watch group.  (Freedom Messenger):

Woman in Iran sexually assaulted while in prison, commits suicide upon release

A young woman ended her own life after being sexually assaulted in the detention center of Kermanshah’s Intelligence Department.

Mahdis Mirghavami, an engineer, committed suicide by taking rice pills immediately after she was released.  She had been summoned to the Intelligence Department on Tuesday, January 24, 2017, and was detained for two days.

Her family had been threatened by the Intelligence Department against announcing the news of their daughter’s suicide.

The report on Ms. Mirghavami’s suicide became public on February 22, 2017.

Another woman Golrakh Sadeghi  (Wife of activist Arash Sadeghi ) who was arrested because she wrote a story about the stoning of women (unpublished) is languishing in prison after they lied to Arash about freeing her so he would end his hunger strike.  now she is back in prison and he is dying for lack of medical care.

Another British woman is also still sufferring at the hands of Iran’s egregious regime.

This heinous abuse against the people of Iran seeking only freedom must stop.  please share these stories, this is only the tip of the iceberg and only a few stories, so many are sufferring for their faith, for their voices for freedom, if we don’t speak for them who will?

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