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Understanding The Evils Of The Iran Deal And How Dangerous It Really Is

Understanding The Evils Of The Iran Deal And How Dangerous It Really Is

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The Ruling Mullahs of Iran are not peaceful.  This is truth.  They torture, slaughter and imprison all who speak out including activist, journalists, bloggers, Christians and Muslim minorities ie the Bahai.  And that’s only in their own country.  They have repeatedly stated their ultimate goal is domination of the Middle East, death to all Jews, and Americans, most especially what they term as unbelievers.  And obama said they would help fight ISIS, a group that calls for the same thing???  They have fomented slaughter of innocents through war in Yemen, Iraq, and Syria.  They support Hezbollah, Houhti, and other rebels.  The atrocities in Syria alone they carried out should shock the world, yet the UN turns a blind eye.

They closed their eyes, and ears and gave terrorists a seat at the world table, to terrorists that have a common goal to destroy Western nations, and peoples, and wipe Israel and the Jews off the map forever.

We can no longer ignore the dangers of the Iran deal signed by 5+1 led by Obama.  I am putting together a comprehensive post about the warnings ignored, the warnings screaming for the American people to pay attention, warnings of danger, that went unheard by the left, and those attempting to cover the ugliness and secretive dangers in this deal.  I am starting with this:

And this from Prager U, it’s very eye opening.


Much darkness and controversy surrounds this wicked deal.  Lawmakers here spoke out against it, Democrats in Congress blocked the opposition to this bill.  They pushed it through with a promise from Obama to veto opposition legislation if necessary, ignoring the warnings and wills of the Americans. Senator Marco Rubio said this after the deal was pushed through:

“I want to be recorded for history’s purposes, if nothing else, to say those of us who oppose this deal understood where it would lead, and we are making a terrible mistake.”

A Radio Talk show host is one of the very few who recognized that the deal put Iranian Citizens at risk.  Obama continuously defended this by saying moderates were in power now in Iran and Iran is good.  Totally ignoring the evils of the current regime against its own people.  The thousands of opposition leaders slaughtered, arrest, torture and imprisonment, including death to bloggers, journalists, and religious minorities.  John Crowder listed this as an evil to this deal:   “Human rights activists are killed each year for apostasy, adultery, drug possession and other crimes. Political prisoners abound, free speech is unknown, women are suppressed, and minorities are persecuted.  Not to mention what they do to gays. Strike that, what they would do to gays if any actually existed in Iran. Why should we play nice with these people at all?”

All those reports about secret talks with the Iranian officials going back to 2013 have been scrapped.  Valerie Jarret was said to have had many secret meetings, which of course they denied.  John Kerry has had many secret talks but the proof of that has also been denied and scrapped.

There are many who warned and listed reasons why we couldn’t enter into this deal, and they have been proven right.  Obama’s false claims that he blocked the path to a nuclear weapon through this deal are enough to stir an investigation.  But there won’t be one, only threats and attacks to anyone who attempts to push this horrible deal back.  Here one article points out reasons why this deal is bad, and leading with this statement:  ” Iran is benefiting from a steady crumbling of the sanctions edifice. More than 30 Iranian companies and banks are doing business with the EU and other nations.”

Another list reasons why this is bad, # 5 and  #7  on their list is especially troubling.

“In addition, the United States and the European Union must help Iran protect against sabotage to its program (e.g. from Israel or Iranian dissidents). We are now allied with Iran against Israel in this regard.
We cannot sanction Iran for anything else — bombing Israel, for example.

And there is no monitoring of money received and can be sent to terrorists like Hezbollah.”

Now information is surfacing about not only the Billions of Gold and Cash given to Iran, but facts about the influx of Iranian loyalists obama brought to America.  He gave 2800 green cards to Regime loyalists and money to live and thrive in western states.  They are in full defense and offense mode, threatening and protecting this deal, they are forming with other groups organized by obama to initiate what the Generals call a scorched earth policy against Trump or anyone who tells the truth and demands this deal be revoked.

A scorched-earth policy is a military strategy that targets anything that might be useful to the enemy while advancing through or withdrawing from an area. Specifically, all of the assets that are used or can be used by the enemy are targeted, such as food sources, transportation, communications, industrial resources, and even the people in the area.

The practice can be carried out by the military in enemy territory, or in its own home territory. It may overlap with, but is not the same as, punitive destruction of the enemy’s resources, which is done for purely strategic/political reasons rather than strategic/operational reasons. (Wiki Definitions)

This is from the Congressional Record of July 2016 (Why are these articles not followed???? And why is Trump under fire for his criticism of this deal??)

From the Congressional Record House Iran Accountability Act July 2016 HR5631

(6) Director of National Intelligence James
Clapper wrote on February 9, 2016, ‘‘[T]he Islamic
Republic of Iran presents an enduring
threat to U.S national interests because of
its support to regional terrorist and militant
groups and the Assad regime, as well as its
development of advanced military capabilities.
Tehran views itself as leading the ‘axis
of resistance’ which includes the Asad regime
and sub-national groups aligned with
Iran, especially Lebanese Hezbollah and
Iraqi Shia militants . . . Tehran might even
use American citizens detained when entering
Iranian territories as bargaining pieces
to achieve financial or political concessions
in line with heir strategic intentions.’’.
(7) Secretary of the Treasury Jacob Lew
stated on July 14, 2015, ‘‘We harbor no illusions
about the Iranian government’s nefarious
activities beyond its nuclear program.
Make no mistake: we will continue to impose
and aggressively enforce sanctions to
combat Iran’s support for terrorist groups,
its fomenting of violence in the region, and
its perpetration of human rights abuses.’’.
It is the sense of Congress that—
(1) Iran’s ballistic missile program and support
for terrorism represents a serious threat
to allies of the United States in the Middle
East and Europe, members of the Armed
Forces deployed in those regions, and ultimately
the United States; and
(2) the United States should impose tough
primary and secondary sanctions against
any person that directly or indirectly supports
the ballistic missile program of Iran,
its state sponsorship of terrorism and human
rights abuses, as well as against any foreign
person or financial institution that engages
in transactions or trade that support those
This from Congressional Record also in July 2016 HR940
It is the policy of the United States—
(1) to continue to impose pressure on the
Government of Iran for its role as the foremost
state sponsor of terrorism, its ongoing
human rights abuses against the citizens of
Iran and other peoples, and its unjust detention
of United States citizens; and
(2) to continue to use sanctions as an element
of that pressure and to discourage financial
institutions and entities from engaging
in business and commerce with Iranian
entities tied to Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
Corps and to Iranian officials involved in
human rights abuses.


What is Russia’s involvement in all of this? Russia has a spy ship in American waters, lawmakers here are calling for retaliation, Trump is calling for calm, resolve and analysis.   There has been an attack not seen since the cold war for the media to portray Russia as an evil in the world.  Russia is not innocent, I want to say that from the start, but I don’t believe that cries for retaliation are warranted.  It’s my analysis that if Russia becomes friendlier with the US, Iran would be left in the cold especially in Syria.  I agree with one author that say’s it would leave Iran to it’s own defenses defending Assad.  And would also threaten the takeover of Iran of the entire Middle East. Iran has been given Billions in money, and they are in turn giving money to terrorists.  This analysis doesn’t even cover the damage these deals have done to the economy in the Middle East, especially the oil industry.  They are testing Missiles at every turn, without consequences, threatening death and destruction if anyone dares to stop them.

There has been a media blackout in this country about the Iran deal, that benefits the dark forces backing this.  A fight has ensued that show’s no mercy to protect obama and Iran.  These are things to watch, things to know and things to take to heart.  The dynamics of the Middle East depend on the truth, Israel’s and the U.S. survival depends on this.  If we take a backseat, and flounder in the water so to speak, evil will overtake the Middle East and eventually the West.

So understand that Trump is only attempting to stop the madness long enough to make sense and evaluate the dangers.  Something all Western Nations should do.  Instead the created migrant crises in the West has effectively taken center stage and is distracting leaders, media and Human Rights organizations, to the point of not seeing the dangers coming straight at them.  The old adage, “You can’t see the forest for the trees” is very true here, except life and death rests on the importance of learning this lesson.  Russian publications are asking why Americans don’t realize what it would be like if some leaders were successful in forcing a nuclear war with Russia.  This is very serious.  I back Trump’s assessment and wish to step back and analyze before moving forward. We absolutely need to talk with Russia.   We stand with Israel, we stand with peace, but we stand for a regime change in Iran. I stand with President Trump on this one.    There is no moderation in the current regime, only danger, hatred and death.


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