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Trump & Netanuahu Renew Vows To Fight Islamic  Terrorism Together
First Meeting Between Prime Minister Netanyahu & President Trump 2017

Trump & Netanuahu Renew Vows To Fight Islamic Terrorism Together

President Trump met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel yesterday.  In the enthusiastic meeting between the 2 powerful leaders much hope was portrayed to Israel, America and even the world.  The two powerful leaders of the free world, solidified their resolve against Islamic terrorism, and Iran.  They resolved to keep Iran from obtaining Nuclear weapons.

Israel has been condemned by the UN for speaking out vociferously against the deal made with Iran and the 5+1, spearheaded by Obama and John Kerry.  President Trump has also voiced loudly that he thinks the Iran deal was a very, very bad deal.

There are reports from multiple sources detailing the far reaching arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard all saying the same things.  They are not only the guardians of the Islamic regime in power, they also have great economic control.  With the recent deal, and the billions of dollars released to them by America alone, they now have the power and the wealth to train, weaponize and prepare for war.  War that they have been threatening for years.  Their goal is to wipe Israel off the map and destroy America.  And the innocent people of Iran are also in great danger.  The Islamic regime continues and has even increased it’s persecution, execution and torture of citizens there who speak out, and religious minorities like Christians and Bahai muslims.

Recent events in the U.S. with the black media arm of obama, seeking to protect obama and the deal with Iran causing Gen. Flynn to resign from Trumps cabinet, have brought to light the dangers of this.  This deliberate sabotage of talks with Russia has left the door open for Iran, and given them more power.  It was reported today that Gen. Soleimani who commands the Quds force (an arm of the IRG) is now in Moscow.  A direct violation of sanctions made on Iran.  The Quds force is directly responsible for 500 American deaths.  The Quds force reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, and has been designated a terrorist organization.  In 2010 they epanded their mission and the force along with Hezbollah to start new campaigns of attacks targeting the US and Israel and other Western Nations.   But the Revolutionary Guards are given a pass.  It makes no sense, as the two are interconnected.    Again, they have been given power to tyranize.  The Revolutionary guard has far reaching capabilities that reach far beyond Iran.  In Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and even the West.

They have been given access to our government here through Obama, and their operatives and those loyal to them have been granted  green cards and money to build and live in Western States.  This is proven.  This loyal branch to the tyranny in Iran is very dangerous, and they are operating to overthrow our elected President.  Incorporating media, Human Rights Watch Groups, College Professors and Students, they are attacking with a scorched earth policy seeking to destroy Trump, America and the West.

We stand with Israel, and President Trump on the fight against time with Iran.  I am continuing to speak out for Regime change in Iran, for the Revolutionary Guard to be designated a terrorist organization and for the UNHCR to stop Iran’s Human Rights Abuses against it’s own people.  Please be patient with President Trump as he sorts through the mess left him by Obama and the deal with Iran, as he stands with Israel, I know he also stands with the people of Iran against this evil regime.  If your protesting especially in America realize that you are helping the enemy here and in Iran.  Things may appear that Trump is discriminating but he is not, there are operatives here, American and Iranian alike that want our Government to fail in order to save this deal and a new order of the Middle East and the world.   I will be watching and praying, and will continue speaking out.



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