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Arash Sadeghi Needs Your Voice!  His Condition Is Grave

Arash Sadeghi Needs Your Voice! His Condition Is Grave


Iran Human Rights Organization is reporting that the family of Arash Sadeghi is extremely concerned about his health.   His wife is being held in the women’s ward of Evin Prison despite the authorities promise to release her and review her case.  She is unjustly charged over an unpublished story she wrote about the stoning of women. (More)

Her mother,  Arash’s mother- in- law is attempting to visit and find out information on the health of Arash.  When she spoke with him last, she said he had a lung infection, great difficulty in breathing and needed oxygen but was not receiving treatment.  Arash ended his 72 day hunger strike recently with a promise from authorities to release his wife and review her case.  She was released for a few days then taken again to the women’s ward of Evin prison, and as of yet they have not reviewed her case.  Nor has Arash received proper medical treatment.


As we have reported in the past in the first three day’s of a hunger strike the body is still using energy from glucose.  After that, the liver starts processing body fat, in a process called ketosis.  After three weeks the body enters a starvation mode.  At this point the body mines the muscles and vital organs for energy, and loss of bone marrow becomes life-threatening.  There are examples of hunger strikers dying after 52 to 74 days of strike. (Wiki) 

Arash’s family is extremely worried and unable to obtain information about his condition.  Again, his Mother-in-law reports he is in grave condition unable to breathe, and walk.  Recently over half a million people took to social media to speak out for him and they listened.  He needs our voice again.  Speak out for Arash, demand Iran release him to the hospital.  Pray for him and his family.




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