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A Letter To The U.N. From Christian Converts In Prison In Iran

A Letter To The U.N. From Christian Converts In Prison In Iran


The arrest and torture of Christian converts in Iran must be stopped.

We respectfully write to Ms. Asma Jahangir, the UN Special Rapporteur on human rights as we are seeing an increase in continued pressure, imprisonment, torture and long-term cases and arressts of Christian converts in Iran.  Especially  those bringing the message of the Gospel and evangelism.  Christian converts are charged and given  reasons always with titles such as extra-judicial and non-human charges, continuity objectives such as the Wests relationship with the State of Israel, and the house church … in order to justify repression and extra-legal measures that we face.

Woe to adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human rights of the UN member states.  These are obliged to respect the rights of human beings and all religions have rights.

Ms. Asma Jahangir we ask your consideration and help  as well as recognizing the right of liturgical prayer meetings in private parties (house churches), and we be  allowed to teach and promote Christian education in Iran and its acceptance by the government as a constitutional right, as well. Construction of church buildings in the country’s legal rights and citizenship of Christians and Christian converts.


Political prisoners in Gohardasht prison Firuzi Ibrahim and Khalid Hardani

Note from us at VOCIR English:  These Christisns Converts are in a brutal prison in Iran simply for their Christian faith.  please share this letter and their stories.  Ibrahim’s Mother is his only advocate and her health is not good.  I am told Khalid was in prison also with Saeed Abidini, and was saved when Saeed shared the Gospel with him.  These are not crimes, Iran is abusing human rights.  please speak out for them.

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