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Iran’s Sanctioned Abductions & Torture Of Citizens

Iran’s Sanctioned Abductions & Torture Of Citizens

I have learned that Intelligence police inside Iran has “taken Golrohk Sadeghi”, information is sketchy, she was on a furlough from prison on false charges because she had written an unpublished story about the stoning of women.  Her husband a human rights activist also imprisoned recently ended his 72 day hunger strike on the promise that his wife would be released and her case reviewed.  And many others have ended their hunger strikes on empty promises.  So why would they go back on their word, and send this brutal group after her?  They make empty promises to take the worlds attention off the hunger syrikers and then return to abuse.  They have a history of this.  Telling lies and making promises to make themselves look like they care about human rights.
Irans intelligence police.  We hear this name reffered to over and over from those tortured, abducted, and imprisoned.  But what is it?  On the surface it looks like any other intelligence agency like M-6, Mossad, and the CIA.
Information on the Ministry of Intelligence and Security ( MOIS) is very hard to come by, it’s many layers make it nearly impossible to get to the core.  The dark history of this organization has actions including severe torture of prisoners such as dripping acid down nasal passages, inserting hot irons into analysis passages, forcing one to sit on hot coals, sleep deprivation, standing naked for days and other heinous ways of torture.  All to force confessions from political and religious disidents.
Their long reaching arms of the evil regime they serve follows even those who have managed to escape.
Abduction torture and slaughter is their mantra, all in the name of protecting the Islamic Revolution, not the people.
Some facts about the Intelligence police of Iran:
(Facts are hard to disect but this is what I found)
  • Iranian officials routinely use illegal interrogations as a weapon of repression, intimidation, and torture.
  • The ministry actively supports Iran’s radical Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)
  • MOIS agents also use clandestine agents to infiltrate Iranian communities around the world, usually through charitable groups that claim to support Iranian refugees.
  • “MOIS also has agents who abduct individuals abroad, return them to Iran, and then imprison or kill them,”
  • The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution has taken an ever more assertive role in virtually every aspect of Iranian society. Its expanded social, political, military, and economic role under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s administration—especially during the 2009 presidential election and post-election suppression of protest—has led many analysts to argue that its political power has surpassed even that of the Shia clerical.
  • They are tasked to neutralize dissident organizations, the IRGC has quickly become the more dominant agency.  Known as Iran’s most brutal and feared.
The people of Iran are proud of their rich heritage, to be oppressed in this manner is unthinkable.  We in the West can’t even fathom what the innocent experience.  Unable to even carry on your daily life without fear.  Unable to speak out for fear of imprisonment and death.  Those who do speak out are tortured and imprisoned and their families live in constant terror as they are also targeted.
This regime must be stopped. Speak out, the more we speak the more the world pays attention!
Credit to Wikipedia, Front page Magazine, Free Beacon, WEGE report

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