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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks To Iranians

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speaks To Iranians


Prime Minister Netanyahu posted a video with a message for the Iranian people today on Facebook and Twitter.

He is due to talk to US President Trump about the dangers of Irans current regime to Israel and the world.  But realized while he talks about the Iranian Regime and the dangers they pose to the world, he said he wanted to talk to the Iranian people.  He said that he hopes every Iranian sees this, it is a message of hope and peace for Iranians.  A message of Freedom for Iranians.  He said the Regime is evil, not the people.

He spoke about watching the heartless regime killing it’s own people during the green movement.  He is reaching out.  Help to share his message of peace and love.

From his video:  It struck me recently that I’ve spoken  a lot about the Iranian regime and not enough about the Iranian people, or for that matter, to the Iranian people. So I hope this message reaches every Iranian — young and old, religious and secular, man and woman.”

The Iranian people prefer to live without fear, enjoying Western freedom and liberties, the prime minister says. “I know you’d want to be able to speak freely, to love who you want without the fear of being tortured or hung from a crane.”

Iranians have a proud history and rich culture, he adds. “Tragically, you are shackled by a theocratic tyranny. In a free Iran you will once again be able to flourish without limit. But today, a cruel regime is trying to keep you down.”

There is more, watch the video on Facebook (click here)

Watch the video on Twitter (click here)

We stand with Israel.  Thank you Prime Minister Netanyahu.  Share this message of hope and love for Iranians.  This regimes human rights abuses must stop.  This regimes oppression of its people must stop.

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