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Update On Arash Sadeghi #Save Arash

Update On Arash Sadeghi #Save Arash


After the last publishing about Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrakh, we have learned that they will be granted a temporary release from prison tommorrow.  Arash’s health is very dire.  As you know 69 days without food is very hard for a human body.

In the first three days, the body is still using energy from glucose.  After that, the liver starts processing body fat, in a process called ketosis. After three weeks the body enters a “starvation mode”. At this point the body “mines” the muscles and vital organs for energy, and loss of bone marrow becomes life-threatening. There are examples of hunger strikers dying after 52 to 74 days of strike.

So you can see the lasting damaging effects.

The good news as his lawyer Amir Raeisian  tweeted, Arash and his wife will receive a temporary release.  Pray he can obtain medical treatment, and they will not retaliate against them.  Again our voices do matter as over half a million stormed twitter yesyerday with demands for Arash.  SPEAK OUT!



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