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Tragic Story Of An Iranian Man And His Wife Speaking Out For Freedom #FreeArashSadeghi

Tragic Story Of An Iranian Man And His Wife Speaking Out For Freedom #FreeArashSadeghi


Arash Sadeghi and his wife Golrakh have been in prison in Iran, under the harshest of treatment.  Arash tortured and imprisoned at least twice, since 2010, when revolutionary guards raided his father’s house causing his mother to suffer a fatal heart attack!  The callous cold guards stepped over her body as they raided her house showing their blatant disregard for Human life.  He was again arrested this year and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Golrakh was arrested  in October 2016 as guards kicked in her door and took her without warrant.  They took her to the women’s ward at Iran’s notorious Evin prison.
According to the Times of Israel, Iran’s authorities took her into the Womens Ward at Evin prison following the arrest, Golrokh was sentenced to six years in prison for vague charges of “insulting Islamic sanctities” (blasphemy) for the unpublished fictional story about “stoning”, according to news. She was sentenced to imprisonment in an absentia trial. The story describes the emotional 0reaction of a young woman who watches the movie “The Stoning of Soraya M” – which based of true story of a young woman stoned to death for alleged adultery, via run-human rights news.
Arash has been accused of “gathering demonstration and collusion against the regime”, “propaganda against the regime”, “insulting the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran” and “spreading false news in cyberspace”.
He was held in the the violent ward 8 of Evin Prison with violent offenders.
Now in solitary confinement and enduring injuries from his handlers such as dislocated loints and permanent damage to an ear.
68 days ago he began a hunger strike to protest his wife’s arrest and bring awareness to the cruelty prisoners endure.
We are told his health is deteriorating rapidly and is near death.

His father who worked for the Iranian army has been threatened and harrassed.  He has chosen though to exhibit courage and stand for his son.  In an older interview with the Guardian he said,  “Every month, the intelligence services summon me and threaten me that they would kick me out of my house and fire me should I choose to speak out … But I have no fear any more … They want to silence us.”  The authorities may have repressed much of the the human rights community in Iran, but the brave acts of speaking out – exemplified by Arash Sadeghi’s father and a handful of others – tells us that the authorities have not repressed the essential thirst for justice and human dignity sought be Iranians. That, they cannot quash.”

We must not remain silent.  We must speak out for this brave man and his wife.  Take a courageous stand with Arash’S father, wife and those speaking out without fear.  Share this story on social media.  Tell the world this tyranny of innocent citizens must stop!!

Watch a short heartbreaking video Arash.  Click here

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