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A Quick Review Of Iran’s Human Rights Abuses, (2016) And A Call To Speak Out

A Quick Review Of Iran’s Human Rights Abuses, (2016) And A Call To Speak Out

As 2016, a tumultuous year for the world, comes to an end, I am taken to remember those oppressed and persecuted in a country that the world has chosen to turn a blind eye to.  That is Iran.  It’s impossible to list every egregious abuse committed by Iran in only one year.  So we take a quick review and call to #SpeakOut.   This past year has seen an increase in executions, an increase in arrests of Christians, persecution of the Bahai, arrests and torture of political prisoners only speaking out for freedom.  Freedom to speak, freedom to live life happily without restrictions.  This year saw floggings for those young people attending parties in mixed company, something that the West takes for granted.  According to

Tehran’s hardline prosecutor general has announced that people caught at mixed-gender parties, especially celebrity artists and athletes, along with those caught consuming alcohol, or participating in other “indecent” activities should face stiffer penalties.  (More)

“As role models you should be more careful because youths can pick up bad lessons from these actions,” said Abbas Jafari Dowlatabadi on December 27, 2016, addressing the celebrities. “The enemy’s (US-led West’s) evil intention is to spread promiscuity and cultural corruption. One reason these violations are taking place is that the punishments are too low.”

This year the West gave Carte Blanche to a regime in Iran to commit heinous human rights abuses not only to the world through terrorist groups they back like,  Hamas and Hezbollah and the Iranian National Guard but to it’s own people.

Groups like “VOCIR”, “My Stealthy Freedom” and “International Human Rights For Iran” have spent the year warning and attempting to gain International attention to these egregious rights abuses.

While this year we saw Iran release 3 Americans held hostage there, including a Christian Pastor, Saeed Abidini, there are still many more there.  Like Ibrahim Firouzi, Maryam Naghash Zargaran (Nasim), still languishing in the dank, dark prisons of Iran.  Still under torture and mind bending treatment at the hands of a dark regime.  Christians celebrating Christmas this year in the darkness of Iran’s prisons wrote a letter expressing great hope for the streets of Iran to become free, expressing their tremendous Faith in God.  Stating: “Happy New Year, Christmas, from Christians within Prison: “We are now in a prison cell next to you, the Great Joy of the Lord, partner, and we hope one day the Iranian people, like all believers to free the world of streets and towns and churches, to worship God freely and Happy New Year are busy is the good news of the day, the promise of Salvation and Grace is great.  (Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy. Psalm 126) It is God’s promise and we believe in the Promise of God.  (More)  Imagine languishing as these Christians are in darkness and still their Faith increases, and their wish is for all Iranians.  Let’s support them, in prayer and use our voice to speak out.




One political prisoner, Arash Sardeghi is near death.  He and his wife was arrested for participating in peaceful protest.  He has been on a hunger strike for at least 68 days to raise awareness for his wifes release.  Recently his father joined the Hunger Strike.  This is the only hope for those lost in the evils of the Iranian prison system.  I am told by friends that he is near death.  And yesterday over half a million people took to twitter to protest with him.  This is incredible, that half a million found the courage to speak out, the courage to raise awareness for this man, and others lost in this evil.(More)


As you can see, Iran is not interested in freedom for it’s people, only oppression, and abuse.  It’s political and Christian prisoners face daily beatings, and abuse, psychological torture, and their families are constantly under threat and fear of retaliation from this regime.  Not to mention the stress of knowing the treatment their loved ones are receiving at the hands of evil.  Let us make this new year, a year to speak out, to remember those oppressed and persecuted.  Tweet, Post, share and speak out against every act of  oppression and abuse.




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