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Friends Dont Take Friends To The Security Council
United Nations

Friends Dont Take Friends To The Security Council

United Nations

United Nations

As everyone knows the world governing body led by Egypt (we’re told)  took to the UNSC last week, as Israel was stripped of sovereignty.  The resolution (resolution 2334) passed because obama took it into his hands to abstain from voting against a political war on Israel.  I agree with diplomats from Israel, “Friends don’t take friends to the Security Council.”

This abstention was not brought before Congress or the American people.  In fact Congress and the American people reject this.  Members of Congress are calling for the US to stop funding the UN.

This resolution in its language strips Israel from its sovereign right to dwell, build and worship in East Jerusalem.

A travesty of justice, just as empowering Iran a self proclaimed enemy of Israel, empowering the Palestinians  backed by Hamas and Hezbollah, a peoples that refuses to recognize the very existence of Israel as a state.  Obama did this in his last days as a last ditch effort to place and draw new borders for the state of Israel.    Creating more chaos and division, while ignoring atrocious human rights abuses by Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and many others.

Israel is in fact the only democratic state in this region abiding by Human Rights and freedom for all.

There are 500,000 Jews living in the West bank while there are over 2 million palestinians.

 2,731,052 (July 2014 est.) including East Jerusalem population in the West Bank, including Jews. 83% of the population is Palestinian Arab, 17% is Jewish.

The stats and demographics do not support the facts that Israel is suppressing the Palestinians.  As the countries who hate Israel have portrayed.  Iran, Gaza (Hamas) and the PLO have repeatedly called for the entire removal of all of Israel.  They claim theirs is the land from the river to the sea, and refuse to accept Israel as a sovereign state.

Israel’s Prime Minister has called to end funds to the UN to the tune of 7 million dollars.  Also ending funding to Senegal and New Zealand.  He has summoned all ambassadors and has said this will not stand.

It would be like Mexico demanding the US to withdraw from Texas and Southern California as it belongs to them.  Or the American Indians to claim sovereignty over the land taken from them.  Which would actually carry more weight than this resolution.

In the name of peace, again we find strife and chaos, anger and bitterness.  We Stand With Israel!


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