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Iran’s Heinous Crimes Against Humanity (Video)

Iran’s Heinous Crimes Against Humanity (Video)

I can only open this post with the words:  Western leaders are complicit and just as guilty as this indescribable evil the Iranian Regime imposes on it’s citizens.

Saeed Abidini who was released this year along with 2 other Americans detained in Iran has described some of his experiences as has Amir Hekmati.  Saeed shared a video on his facebook page yesterday, that I can imagine caused him great pains to watch. It describes torture that is unimaginable to those of us in the West. It brought a feeling of nausea to me to view it. A feeling of great sadness and shock that humans could inflict such treatment on their fellow citizens, men and women alike. We have been reporting on these egregious abuses by the Iranian regime for some time, but watch this in their own words. You will realize that this is the face of evil only executed by satan himself.

This is a journalist who was detained twice by the regime. His crimes were reporting as a journalist. Another blogger featured in this film, wrote a post about 3 other bloggers and he was visited by Guards and demanded to change his post. He describes being detained and interrogated in ways that will sicken you. He describes torture like wrapping a wet towel around your head and then giving electric shocks, putting plastic bags on your feet and cutting your feet. Even being forced to eat human excrement!

They call this torture “Interrogations” and they use “White Torture.” The White torture is a form of psychological torture that many don’t recover from. They crush your beliefs and ideas. One female journalist was beaten and slapped so severely she died from hemorrhage to the brain. Women are subjected to the same as men. In one instance they brought a man’s wife to Evin prison, the male ward, with male interrogators and she describes them touching her body and forcing her to relay details about “love making” with her husband. They accuse the females of sexual infidelities, in ways which you can not imagine.

One of the techniques is mock executions where they place prisoners in front of a wall to make them think they will be shot. Another is sending them to different wards to let other violent prisoners kill and torture them so they won’t be blamed.

And it doesn’t end with release from prison.  One describes their interrogator calling and contacting them even after release.  And there are those that flee to other countries and are abducted or killed.

I’m going to let the video speak for itself. But we can not remain silent about these abuses. Speak out, share these stories, the more you share the more the world pays attention.
Hold Western leaders accountable for their complicity in these crimes against humanity.


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