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Iran’s Abuse Of Religious And Political Prisoners Grows

Iran’s Abuse Of Religious And Political Prisoners Grows

We must keep attention on Iran especially now. As the West prepares to celebrate Christmas, a Holy Celebration for Christians, remember Iran is busy threatening religious leaders and arresting and torturing political prisoners.  Threatening religious leaders to keep them at bay from celebrations.   As this article (here) and (here) from Voice of Iranian Christians points out.

Women in many prisons are tortured as well, many separated from children and family have it worse. This must stop. Iran is not only a state sponsor of terrorism it is committing heinous human rights abuses against the people. Pray for Iran. There are many Christians in prison and families isolated like Nasim Zargaran and Ibrahim Firouzi.  Their families suffer in silence, helpless against the constant fear from authorities.  Helpless to free their loved ones.  The pain and isolation they feel is unimaginable to the West.  Pray for them.

As the above articles point out the list for political and religious prisoners in Iran is long.  Their crimes range from support of groups calling for freedom from the oppressive current regime to religious beliefs that differ from theirs.  All accused of crimes against the state simply for wanting a free society, free from oppression.  Christian converts and the Bahai are viciously attacked, as are the activists exiled and imprisoned for wanting change that brings freedom.  Women are frequently beaten by this regime for appearing in public without head covering or for attending a party.

Lawmakers in the US have written a bill to keep sanctions alive for Iran.  We are speaking out to keep this bill alive.  Hoping a new President Trump  will address these abuses.  Hoping Europe will also follow suit as they promise to address these abuses also. The West can not remain silent on these abuses.

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