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Fires In Israel

Fires In Israel


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Israel had  1,773 fires  from November 18 to the 26th.  Some officials are claiming 40 to 50 % of the fires were arson, but others deny this.  One quote by Gilad Erdan gives facts to back up his statement.(Quote Gilad Erdan) “These estimates are based upon facts. When you see two Molotov cocktails with flammable materials, and you see that the fire started from there, you understand that this is arson, and there were a number of cases like this.”

CNN, and many MSM reports that the celebrations on twitter by Palestinians condemning Israel and celebrating the fires by #Israelisburning, were for backlash for Israel wanting to ban loudspeakers on Mosques.  The tweets suggested this was a punishment from Allah.   One Tweet said this:  Wrath of God in Israel…you can destroy the homes of Palestinians but then God is always there to destroy yours…. 

So much hatred for Israel.  So much hatred and celebration over the suffering of humanity.

Ayman Odeh an Arab member of the Knesset said this in defiance of reports of Arab arsonists:  “During this stormy day, I have been moving between different media, in an attempt to say this clearly: This is our home and it is our duty to preserve it. Now is the time for joint cooperation, to help evacuate the elderly and all those who need help.”

According to one news report Police had arrested 35 suspected of arson.

Other reports say that the Palestinian Authority sent 8 fire trucks to help battle the blazes in the West Bank.  Prime Minister Netanyahu called President Abbas to give his appreciation.  Appreciation for the help and for residents who opened their homes to those fleeing the fire.  60,000 had been evacuated near Haifa.  Reports say that 700 homes were destroyed.

Many Countries sent aide to Israel to help with the fires, including the US.

Screen Shots Twitter

Screen Shots Twitter

This devastating fire that raged through Israel whatever the cause is catastrophic, to say the least.  Regardless of the cause, we at Voice of Iranian Christians Stand with Israel.  We stand in prayer and support with the country and the people.



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