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Update On Nasim (Maryam Naghash Zargaran) Request For Prayer

Update On Nasim (Maryam Naghash Zargaran) Request For Prayer


I have an update on Maryam Naghash (Nasim) Zargaran.  She was given a temporary reprieve from Prison last week.  It’s unclear even to the family why, but she has been at home.  At first she was expected back tomorrow, but after the family asked for an extension, they extended it until Tuesday.

Any reprieve from prison is a welcome miracle really.  As you know Nasim has been imprisoned in Iran for her belief in Christ.

She has seen torture and endured multiple health problems.  She recently ended a hunger strike as officials promised her better conditions.    This woman and her family has endured so much due to her arrest and imprisonment simply because of her Christian Faith.

Christians in Iran can not worship openly, they must worship in houses or in private.  Yet their faith grows.  Many don’t have Bibles, many can’t fellowship with other Christians for fear of retaliation from the Regime there.  Families are split apart for conversions out of fear.  This family needs our support and prayers.

Another Brother Ibrahim Firouzi is still imprisoned there also, as are several Christians and a multitude of Political prisoners, simply for believing differently than the ruling Regime.  The Human Rights Abuses are untold.  And increasing.

Please keep Nasim’s family in your prayers.  The suffering that these families endure is at times unbearable.  They are appreciative and say thank you to those who are praying.

Remember all in prison there, share their stories, pray for them, and encourage them.



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