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Social Media Alive With Calls For Extending Iran Sanctions Act #No2Rouhani STOP doing business with #Iran

Social Media Alive With Calls For Extending Iran Sanctions Act #No2Rouhani STOP doing business with #Iran


American lawmakers with the Speaker of the House of Representatives are sending a clear message to the outgoing President responsible for catapulting the dark deal made by the 5+1.

The entire world is aware of the deal the 5+1 leaders made with Iran.  Everyone should also know how grisly and vile this deal is.  We have all watched while even the UN says that Iran is not stopping it’s nuclear activities it is suppose to curtail.  The latest evidence being the production of heavy water.  We have seen the holding of hostages not only from America Britain also, in order to obtain money’s from arm sales that were on hold.

This demand from Congress would give the new President a tool to work with by extending the Iran Sanctions Act for 10 years.  You see they recognize the seriousness of turning the current regime loose on the world and it’s people.

We have seen an uptick in silencing critics such as the execution of a scientist recently accused of spying.  An uptick in arrests of political as well as religious minority prisoners.  A call for the death penalty for Christian converts, and the closing of Bahai businesses.

Women are forbidden to ride bicycles, or go out in public without the Hijab, and the list goes on and on.

Recently it was said that the regime eased restrictions on Twitter.  And it’s clear by the recent Tweets from President Rouhani’s account that it was done for propaganda to show the world and people that Iran is moving forward.  One of his tweets welcomes all Asian investors.  The other one  say’s “Iran is developing it’s capabilities and with an active role in Eurasian Transport Network, Iran is seeking to become a New Hub in West Asia.”  It’s a somewhat hidden fact from the public, but a fact none the less that there are those attempting to revive the ancient “Silk Road”.  In 2014 the FBI shut down the website of the silk road for various reasons.  There is now a renewed trade push and vie for control from China, Europe, Russia and a host of Asian countries like Pakistan.  Now with this deal Iran is in the mix.  Reasons for war and a reshaping of the Middle East and Asia?  Forbes Magazine lays it out best.  But that’s another post.  The world has pushed a new global order one that Obama announced from the UN this year, a new order that closes a blind eye to human rights abuses to push wealth and greed.

And Iran is pushing itself to the top of the heap, covering the bodies of the innocent people it tramples along the way.

Stand with the people of Iran, and the lawmakers in this country that say #No2Rouhani STOP doing business with #Iran

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