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Iran Threatens America & Israel Over Nuclear Deal
Screenshot this year at Tehran celebrating 1979 Hostage taking (RT)

Iran Threatens America & Israel Over Nuclear Deal


Screenshot this year at Tehran celebrating 1979 Hostage taking (RT)

Screenshot this year at Tehran celebrating 1979 Hostage taking (RT)

Many are voicing threats against America with the transition of leadership from Obama to Trump.

The Palestinian authority is even threatening to “make America miserable” if Trump moves the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

But what is of greater interest is the deal made by world leaders with Iran. The 5+1 deal has come under great scrutiny by American law makers, and even the American people.  President Elect Donald Trump has been very vocal also stating he will re-negotiate this deal.  Mr. Trump made it clear he does not agree with this deal and how it was handled.

The Prime Minister of Israel has been vocal about this deal, and how it will embolden Iran to use and build Nuclear weapons. The UN even recently said that Iran was not abiding by it’s rules. Prime Minister Netanyahu recently said his objectives were, “First, prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons and second, to prevent Iran — in any situation that arises in Syria, with or without an agreement — from establishing itself militarily in Syria, on the ground, in the air or at sea. We are also determined to prevent it from bringing about the establishment of Shiite militias, which it is organizing, and of course, the arming of Hezbollah with dangerous weapons aimed at us.”

Iran has also been very vocal in recent days with threats aimed at the United States. In fact the Iran Revolutionary Guard has threatened to send their forces to Europe and to the US. The regime has threatened again recently at the Nov. 4th anniversary of the 1979 Hostage taking. Iran Celebrates this every year, but the rhetoric and threats get worse. This year while burning American Flags and the Jewish Star of David, the death threats grew to an all time High. And what did Obama’s state spokesman say?
“Like any country, there’s heated political rhetoric that comes out, and I’m just not going to respond to every instance of that in this case. No one likes to see this kind of hyper-charged rhetoric on the part of any government anywhere, and anti-American sentiments expressed. But again, we’re not going to base our whole relationship going forward … on these kind of heated political remarks.”

Rhetoric? Really, this is real and it’s not only rhetoric. They intend to destroy the  U.S. and Israel. These are not idle threats. Iran will carry through with them. The Iranian people are innocent and want change also, but by world leaders ignoring their rights and emboldening Iranian leaders they have been left in oppression. The current Iranian regime can not be trusted.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said during this celebration, “The US system is far away from values of humanity, death to America means death to a system which has nothing to do with humanitarian values.”

How can he judge Humanitarian values since he is imprisoning all political and religious ideas that don’t agree with his regime?  Executions have risen exponentially this past year, for all opponents with charges such as crimes against the state, even executing drug offenders.  Which I might add Obama set’s drug offenders free in America.

They will not negotiate, they will not admit they’re human rights abuses, and they will carry through with their threats, it’s their core belief, their utmost goal, they will do what they say.

Iran is already guilty of at least 3 violations.
1. Iran’s continuing ballistic missile work,
2. Iran exceeding limits on its heavy water
3. Iran’s refusal to allow inspections of military bases—
We must stand with Israel, Iran’s human rights abuses are increasing, even attempting to change the constitution to allow for the death penalty for Apostates and Christian converts. We stand with Israel.

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