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Yesterday Americans Raised A Voice For Freedom to the World!

Yesterday Americans Raised A Voice For Freedom to the World!


Yesterday the Eighth  of November, 2016 the American people spoke in unison, and sent a powerful message to the world. The American people when faced with a choice of more corruption in Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump who would speak for us, we chose Donald Trump. We spoke in effect to the world leaders who made deals with Iran, despite the human rights abuses, to Israel that we stand with Her, and our Nation that we have had enough. In Syria, we have had enough death. We have had enough of ISIS. We have had enough of corruption, lies, suffering, oppression and darkness. We have been speaking out for 8 years but our voices were silenced. Yesterday we voted yes to morals, honesty, freedom and cleaning the government from corruption. We said yes to freedom, and Human rights, we said we’ve had enough.

We sent the same message to our lawmakers that we want accountability, we want our voices heard, and we want them to listen to us. Actually listen. We as Christians of America know that our job is only beginning. We know we have to unite in prayer, and unite our voices. We know we have to speak out and hold our leaders accountable.

Recently UNICEF took away the history of the Jewish people when they erased not only Jewish but Christian Heritage from the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. Erasing thousands of years of History, and an entire peoples. Jewish and Christians alike were erased from the pages of History. Our voices are needed to let the world know this is not acceptable. Yesterday we sent that message.  We sent a message that the American people are awake and watching.

Arab leaders are reported to be fearful of Donald Trump after he spoke out against immigration.  Iran according to The Times of Israel is boasting after Trump voiced distaste for the deal made by obama and world leaders, today that nothing can overturn this deal.  Here is what the President of Iran had to say:  “Iran’s understanding in the nuclear deal was that the accord was not concluded with one country or government but was approved by a resolution of the UN Security Council and there is no possibility that it can be changed by a single government,” Rouhani told his cabinet, according to state television.”

Iran needs to understand that the American people will be watching them.  America has found its voice again.  Iran also said that Trump needs to understand the way the world is today.  But it is Iran that needs to understand we are watching and the dark forces at work there against Human Rigjts will no longer be tolerated.

Iran is committing egregious human rights abuses against it’s own people.  Threatening Israel and the U.S. at every turn.   Imprisoning, torturing, and silencing religious minorities, and political activists. The executions have increased exponentially under President Rouhani, he is not moderate as the American people and the world was told. He stands convicted with the regime, convicted of Human rights abuses, and darkness. Those in prison are tortured, their families endure great hardship not only from Psychological stress but real harassment from the regime. We know this as fact. Families are frequently targeted and abused physically and psychologically. Some prisoners have attempted to raise their voice in Hunger Strikes, only to be lied to by the Government, saying if you stop the strike we will release you. They are released for a few days or weeks only to receive aid from their families and ordered back to prison. One Christian Convert asked recently in a letter to the Judiciary, “Is Christianity a crime in Iran?” Iran is indeed attempting to codify the constitution making Christianity and any other faith besides shiite muslim a crime. They already target religious miniorities and imprison and torture them, for in their words… Committing crimes against the state. But if this law would be approved they would invoke the death penalty.

Russia has sent warm greetings to Trump asking for a reset of relationships.  That will remain to be seen.  President Elect Trump has already invited Israel’S Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the U. S.  Palestinians are also fearful.  Again we are watching.

There are some in the field of Human Rights that are fearful of Trump.   They can rest knowing he has taken a stand against ISIS, and Human rights abuses against minorities, but he will not tolerate terrorism.

Our work is only beginning. We must speak out about this evil in the world, and oppressive regimes such as Iran.  We must speak out for those who are silenced by oppression. We must let the world know this is enough. Demand accountability and demand that regimes such as Iran and even Saudi Arabia and Pakistan conform to the freedoms that the rest of the world enjoys. We want freedom! Freedom for all!

We learned yesterday that our voices do matter. Help to share stories of oppression, help to speak out, our collective voices make a difference! When we speak they listen. Speak out! Yesterday America sent a message that sent a tsunami of ripples out into the world. Let’s not let this message come back void.

We stand with Israel, we stand with the Iranian people, and those all across the globe suffering oppression and persecution.

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