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I Will Not Be Silenced! Stop Iran’s Oppression & Executions

I Will Not Be Silenced! Stop Iran’s Oppression & Executions


One thing that has been pushed to the back burner is the deal with Iran. The fact that Iran’s people are suffering, they are oppressed, women are considered less than dogs. And dogs are illegal in Iran. Forced to wear Hijabs, even girls as young as 7. Political prisoners are being tortured, and denied medical leave or care. Punishments such as aputation, & blinding are common place. Christians are rounded up and imprisoned as enemies of the state, simply for believing in Christ.

Saeed Abidini shared a report on his facebook page that say’s that Iran is attempting to pass a law to punish those converting to Christianity from Islam with death.  He said this:  “Humans right and Christian situation after 5+1 agreement and negotiation got worse and worse and Iranian government and courts are violating human right more than last years, today’s and the reason is because there is not any pressure on them after sanctions has been removed and they do whatever they want to do with their own citizen to shutdown any movement that they see is different than their believes and thoughts such as religious and political movements to make a strong Shia Islamic country .”  This is reality for the people of Iran.  Barbarasim and oppression.  While the world is silent.

Executions by hanging are increasing, and yet the world leaders are silenced. This from Amnesty International: “Iran’s staggering execution toll for the first half of this year paints a sinister picture of the machinery of the state carrying out premeditated, judicially-sanctioned killings on a mass scale,” said Said Boumedouha, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme.”

Human Rights Watch reports in August of this year the mass hanging of 20: “Deutsche Welle Persian service reported that on the evening of August 1, prison officials called family members of more than 20 prisoners detained in Ward 4, Room 10 of Rajai Shahr prison and informed them that they could visit their imprisoned family members one last time. The prisoners are believed to have been part of a group of 33 Sunni Muslim men, including possibly a child offender, whom human rights groups previously identified as having been convicted of “enmity against God”

And hanging in Iran is barbaric, as it strangles and it’s not a quick painless death. “Public executions are usually carried out by a mobile crane. Sometimes the criminal is suspended from the crane, but more often the crane is used as a gallows and the person is pulled off of a stool. Iranian nooses are thick, with 7–10 knotted coils, and are often made of blue plastic rope with little to no drop. Death is caused by strangulation and carotid reflex (where blood vessels to the head are cut off), taking 10–20 minutes. In most cases the condemned loses consciousness quickly, as seen in most videos of Iranian executions.”

I will not be silenced. I will speak out for them, lest we forget what our government did and the propaganda obama put forward about how trustworthy Iran is. Pray for the innocent people of Iran.

Commentary by C. Refsland

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