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When Is Enough, Enough? NOW

When Is Enough, Enough? NOW

I was asleep lost in daily life just as many in the world today.  I had no knowledge or reference point to the plight of oppression in Iran.

Since 2008 I have been studying and researching Islam and Iran.  As I focused on the eschatological beliefs of the current regime.  Slowly a picture of just how oppressive snd corrupt this system is came into focus.

A year later I watched the green movement  unfold it became crystal clear what the evil regime of Iran was all about.  I spent hours in tears and even anger as our government turned a blind eye.
Over the years reports would surface about treatment of political prisoners, and then in 2012 I was drawn to Iran yet again with the imprisonment of an American pastor.
This took me on an eye opening journey as I watched his story and the others unfold.  It became clear that western leaders who were all too eager for their own push for recognition and power would ignore an evil oppressive regime.  Those watching were dumbfounded that no preconditions were set with Iran on their treatment of its own people, or the prisoners they held.  It’s like punishing your children for bad behavior without demanding the behavior stop, instead rewarding them for it.

I watched the liberal West praise the new president.  They praised him far and wide telling us He was a moderate and stood for freedom.  And many believed.  This is false.  Executions increased, torture and imprisonment for activists remain.  All this is taking place under his watch.  He is not as the West painted.

As I meet new people, as I pour over report after report about torture, execution and inhumane conditions in prison I weep.  I am learning that Iranians don’t hate the West.  The corrupt regime does.  I am learning of atrocities beyond belief and too graphic to describe.  Like the gouging out of eyes, the amputation of body parts without anesthesia.  One report of Iran’s propaganda  torture described coffins as a holding place for prisoners.

Women held in Iran are subjected to the same as men.  Iran recently ordered a rights activist and her husband to prison for an unpublished story she wrote.

A Christian woman is held there because she is christian.  No medical treatment is given.  The prisons are barbaric.  Read about one such prison, here.

Iran is executing even those who were charged as children.  Those they label as dissenters are Enemies of the state simply because they want freedom and don’t believe the same way.

The Baloch are frequently targeted as they are Sunni muslim, one man holding to his belief refusing to enter the war in Syria was beaten to death.

The Bahai who I’m recently learning of are also targeted. Executed or murdered simply for their beliefs.  (Read more)
Muslim institutions and clergy, both Sunni and Shia, consider Bahá’ís to be deserters or apostates from Islam, which has led to Bahá’ís being persecuted.  Bahá’ís describe their faith as an independent world religion, differing from the other traditions in its relative age and in the appropriateness of Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings to the modern context.  Bahá’u’lláh is believed to have fulfilled the messianic expectations of these precursor faiths.(wikipedia)

So how can a country whose people long for freedom be oppressed as they are in a modern world??

What can we do?  We can stand with the people of Iran.  We can speak out and share their stories and plight.  The more we speak the more we awaken, the more we awaken the more we can demand change.

Stop the executions, stop the oppression of women, stop the torture and inhumane judicial system.  Demand the media to make this a prority in the west.  Until change is made.  Congratulate those representatives standing up and encourage more to join.  Enough is enough, now!

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