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Can You See The Hands Reaching Out In The Darkness

Can You See The Hands Reaching Out In The Darkness

Can You See The Hands Reaching Out In The Darkness

Hands reaching out of the darkness, hands that we in the West don’t understand.  This vision rang loud and clear in my mind this morning.  As I asked God to show me how I can help those lost in oppression in countries like Iran.  I saw a thick black fog, and heard voices beneath it.  Voices crying out.  Then the hands came into focus.  The hands reaching out of the blackness crying out for help.  Help to pull them out of the darkness.  But there was no one there to help.  No one seems to care about how Iran treats it’s people.  No one seems to care that  Iran is holding its people hostage.  No one cares about the those who died in a push to cry to the world for help in 2009.  They were shot down in the streets as the world looked on and nothing.

They arrest everyone who speaks out or dares to question the corrupt regime.
Human rights activists are targeted, tortured and imprisoned.  Christians are cosidered enemies of the state and are arrested and tortured if they practice their religion.

Executions in Iran are brutal and have increased exponentially.  We watch with horror as they kill.

Women are forced to wear a head covering, even young girls as young as 9 yrs old are forced to abide by the compulsory hijab.

Just recently as VOCIR reports a group of school children were punished with lashes because the parents couldn’t afford to pay their tuition.   Beating children, the most vulnerable of society.[Read More]

The prison system in Iran is corrupt, refusing medical treatment and torturing at will.  Their propaganda is also used as torture.  The basij controls all media.
 “Iran has one of the most enforced censorship policies. Every media source and news publication goes through the government. Since the government has this control, very little is shown from the outside world, as most power for relaying information and entertainment is through the government sponsored groups, such as the Basij.”
” Iranian Justice System has also been known to espouse propaganda. This is especially true in the prison system of Iran where Political prisoners were “incessantly bombarded with propaganda from all sides … radio and closed-circuit television … loudspeakers blaring into all cells even into solitary cells and `the coffins` [where some prisoners were kept] … ideological sessions.” Any reading material of a secular nature such as Western novelists, or even religious material that didn’t agree ideologically with the Islamic Republic such as work by Ali Shariati was banned. (Wikipedia)”

There are many Christian converts sufferring in Iranian prisons today.  Refused medical care and in many cases contact with family.  Breaking and wearing them down to conform, convert or sign rediculous statements.

When is enough enough?  Other rights groups have reported that Iran is one of the top 3 abusers of human rights in the world!  And the West rewards them, Christians ignore them, and their cries for help ignored.  Iran’s corrupt regime spews hatred and propaganda and makes its goals well known.  To destroy the US and Israel and rule the world.  So they back terrorists such as hezbollah, hamas, the houti in Yemen and many more.  The images of the Burning of US flags and chanting death to America  tells all.  But the people of Iran want freedom, they don’t death.  They don’t even want to live here, they just want to live free as we do.

Will you speak out for those hands?  The innocent people of Iran.  At least share the truth, throw them a rope, a lifeline for hope and change not empty promises or money to the corrupt regime.   Share the stories of oppression so others will know the truth.

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