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Iran Court Sentences a Five-Year-Old Kid!


A Lorestan court has issued an arrest warrant for a five-year-old child who allegedly injured his playmate during a game. Read More »

Imprisoned Physicist Omid Kokabee Contracted Kidney Cancer


Saeed Khalili, a lawyer in an interview with IRNA said: Unfortunately, numerous examinations in the hospital found a malignant tumor in Omid Kokanee’s kidney. Omid Kokabee has contracted renal cell carcinoma with a malignant tumor in his right kidney, the lawyer affirmed. Read More »

6-year-old Afghan refugee girl stabbed to death and dipped into acid after being sexually abused in Varamin city of Iran


On April 10, 2016, a 6-year-old Afghan refugee girl named Setayesh Quraishi went missing in Khairabad area of Varamin city in Tehran, Iran. Read More »

EU High Court rules against deportation of Christian converts to Iran, urges grant of asylum


Religious and human rights groups are applauding a European court decision that ruled governments must grant a fair evaluation of Christian converts before they are denied asylum and sent back to Iran. Read More »

Iran: Five Prisoners Hanged in Rasht Prison


On April 9, Iranian authorities executed five prisoners in Lakan prison in Rasht, Gilan Province of northern Iran, today, reliable sources said. Read More »

Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year


Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year Read More »

Iran: Arrested A Christian Converters Once again


Fariborz Arazm Christian converts were arrested again By intelligence service Forces of Iran. Read More »

Iran:Bans Valentine’s celebrations!


Bans Valentine’s celebrations,By Iranian Police! Read More »

Disgusting:Iran Mocks Captured US Sailors at Revolution Day Parade+VIDEO


Iranian regime mocks captured US sailors at Revolution Day parade. Read More »

Iran embarrassing news : Khamenei awarded IRGC staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal!


Khamenei awarded IRGC(Terorist Militant) staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal! It’s embarrassing news that published  in khamenei website. Read More »