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Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year


Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year Read More »

Iran: Arrested A Christian Converters Once again


Fariborz Arazm Christian converts were arrested again By intelligence service Forces of Iran. Read More »

Iran:Bans Valentine’s celebrations!


Bans Valentine’s celebrations,By Iranian Police! Read More »

Disgusting:Iran Mocks Captured US Sailors at Revolution Day Parade+VIDEO


Iranian regime mocks captured US sailors at Revolution Day parade. Read More »

Iran embarrassing news : Khamenei awarded IRGC staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal!


Khamenei awarded IRGC(Terorist Militant) staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal! It’s embarrassing news that published  in khamenei website. Read More »

Iran:The suspicious death During Arrested By intelegence service

Iranian Journalist Masih Alinejad Published A video Interview With the A man Family  who Killed By Iranian  intelegence service,in Boushehr  Read More »

Iran:Four Christians prosecuted for “spreading Christianity”!


The Voice Of Iranian christian (Vocir) has been informed that Deacon Amin Khaki and fellow Christians Daniel (Hossein) Barounzadeh, Mohammad Bahrami(Zia) and Rahman Bahmani are to face a “retrial” on February 1st Read More »

Interview:Nagmeh abedini after pastor saeed abdini realsed

  Read More »

Iran:Public executions in front of children+video


According to The voice of iranian christians (Vocir) january 7/2015 Thursday  a public  executions in shabestar  East Azerbaijan Province, Iran Unfortunately show that many children were present at the execution,Iran Human Rights Said. Read More »

Iranian Christian Prisoner Meysam Hojati Was released


A Christian activist (Meysam Hojati) were freed By  One Billion Iranian rials Collateral. Read More »