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Afghan refugees in the Islamic Republic of Iran Police Force proud to showcase outdoor cage


Here the Islamic Republic of Iran,Shiraz is holding camp Afghan Interim,Here is not a prison, and they were not committed a crime. Read More »

Video:Iranian Christian converts prisoner Mother Universal Demand After Beaten Her son in prison


Iranian Christian converts prisoner Mother Universal Demand For the release of her son After Beat Her son in prison Read More »

Iran:A Young Citizen Beaten to Death in Police Station


Tehran, July 6: Nader Dastanpoor died as a result of severe beating (tortures) including internal brain bleeding during his arrest in 127 Police Detention (Narmak), HRANA said. Police officers turned a blind eye to Nader’s deteriorating health and refused hospitalization. Nader died on June 23, 2016, a day after his arrest. Read More »

Iranian Journalists Warned Over Foreign Contacts Via SMS


Hundreds of journalists in Iran have been warned against contact with “hostile elements” outside the country via anonymous text messages. Read More »

Iran:Bans Valentine’s celebrations!


Bans Valentine’s celebrations,By Iranian Police! Read More »

Disgusting:Iran Mocks Captured US Sailors at Revolution Day Parade+VIDEO


Iranian regime mocks captured US sailors at Revolution Day parade. Read More »

Bahraini court sentences teenage boy to 130 years in prison

Ahmad al-Arab will be 147 years old after serving his jail term handed down by a Bahraini court. Read More »

Iran:kindergarten Children Exploitation Against saudi arabia!+Image


Children Exploitation In Islamic Republic Goverment in iran To Against The Saudi After the execution of Shiite muslim  cleric Sheikh Namir saturday 2nd january 2016 In Saudi arabia! Read More »

Iran: Barbie dolls Incineration Ceremony in girls school!+video


 Reactionary Brainwashing   Against Westernization Propagator In Iranian Girls School! Read More »

Iran:Protesters set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran+video


Iranian Protesters  set fire to the Saudi embassy in Tehran,after After the execution of Shiite muslim  cleric Sheikh Namir saturday 2nd january 2016 Read More »