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Iranian-American Robin Shahini ‘sentenced for spying’

In Prison In Iran

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — An Iranian-American held in Tehran has reportedly been sentenced to 18 years in prison for “collaboration with a hostile government,” yet another dual national convicted in a secret trial since Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers. Read More »

Iran:Ayat Allah Khamenei’s favorite Quran reciter hit by rape claims


They decided to shed light on their cases and bring it to the public while an Iranian court attempts at covering up the sexual scandal under supposed direct orders from the Khamenei and the Supreme Judicial authorities. Read More »

Intelligence Ministry Confiscation Identity Documents and Money after Christian converts Being Released

In Prison In Iran

“Intelligence service presented me as a person with no identity among Christians and I have been subjected to mobbing by believers. Besides, by the order of intelligence service, my national code in prison compensation form is typed incorrectly so that I would be a person without identity”. Read More »

Iranian Prisoner Pastor Realased After 6 Years Sentence


Christian Pastor Who was prisoner Realeased After 6 years Sentence. Read More »

Tehran: USA And Israel Flag Trespass By Burning On Ashura+Video


Iranian Shia Muslim Burned USA And Israel Flag In Tehran On Ashura. Read More »

When Is Enough, Enough? NOW


I was asleep lost in daily life just as many in the world today.  I had no knowledge or reference point to the plight of oppression in Iran. Read More »

Can You See The Hands Reaching Out In The Darkness


Can You See The Hands Reaching Out In The Darkness Read More »

Iran: Punished with lashes and then expelled from school Who lack the financial ability to pay Tuition

School Children Beaten For Not Paying Tuition

These Students published a video to explain,Lack the financial ability to pay 300,000Iranian Rials(Around 10 dollars) Read More »

How the Yezidis became Muslim


A Kurd that Batman interviews in the books tells of how Kurds were first introduced to Islam by Muslim Arab armies, “Kurds were introduced to Islam by Prophet Omar. Prophet Omar savagely put the heads of Zoroastrian Kurds on spears, one for every kilometer of the roads, to show his massacre to all of the people in the region.” Read More »

Twenty-five Christian Converters Arrested By intelligence service Forces Of Iran.


“Twenty-five Christian Converters Arrested By intelligence service Forces Of Iran,In Kerman“ Read More »