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Iran:Prisoner Pastor Farshid Fathi released

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Farshid Fathi has been released Mondat  (21 December 2015) after five years in prison for his faith. Read More »

Iran’s Security Forces Arrests 9 Baha’I Citizens


By: @TaheriKaveh According to recent reports, nine Baha’I citizens were arrested in a raid on one of Baha’I citizen’s house in Marvdasht City of Fars Province on December 20, 2015. Read More »

I didn’t escape from Syria, because ISIS, I came to Europe to convert at least one person to Islam!

” I didn’t escape from Syria, because ISIS, I came to Europe to convert at least one person to Islam, and for this goal I’m ready to sell my country and my parents ” A Syrian refugee said Read More »

Iran: At Least 12 Sunni Clerics Arrested in 2015


By: @TaheriKaveh According to reports, at least 12 Sunni clerics and religious scholars were detained by Iranian security forces in 2015, the Baloch Activists Campaign reported. Read More »

North Korea sentences Canadian pastor to life imprisonment


A North Korean court has sentenced a South Korea-born Canadian pastor to life imprisonment with hard labor after being convicted of committing crimes against the East Asian country. Read More »

+18, Iran:A young prisoner public executed in nowshahr


According to (Vocir) a young  prisoner who was convicted  was executed by hanging in public. Read More »

Two Swedish get life sentences for ‘terrorist crimes’ in Syria


Reuters calls them “Swedish men,” but whether they are converts to Islam or lifelong Muslims, they almost certainly do not consider themselves to be Swedish at all, but solely as citizens of the worldwide umma. Note also that Reuters never identifies what group they were working with in Syria, much less give any indication of its ideology. Nowadays to perform ... Read More »

Sodomy in paradise is allah promised Islamic cleric Hayat Ed-Din Sahibi says+video


Imagine you are a Mullah (an Islamic clergyman), in Mazar-e-Sharif, where Bacha Bazi is rampant. Yours is a Persian-speaking congregation. Some of the devout have an unshakeable belief that in Heaven, men have sex with pearly pre-teens and teen-aged boys. They grew up with this belief, and if you deny it, they may accuse you, the Mullah, of denying what ... Read More »

Iran:The stoning sentence for a woman in Gilan


A woman in iran  on charges of “adultery” is death by stoning and  charges of “Assisting in the murder”  her husband was sentenced to 25 years in prison,head of the judiciary siahkal in Gilan province said. Read More »

Raif Badawi hunger strike


Blogger Raif Badawi, who is sentenced to ten years in prison and 1,000 lashes in Saudi Arabia, has started a hunger strike behind bars. Read More »