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Iran:A Young Citizen Beaten to Death in Police Station


Tehran, July 6: Nader Dastanpoor died as a result of severe beating (tortures) including internal brain bleeding during his arrest in 127 Police Detention (Narmak), HRANA said. Police officers turned a blind eye to Nader’s deteriorating health and refused hospitalization. Nader died on June 23, 2016, a day after his arrest. Read More »

Iranian dissidents say Baghdad camp shelled, more than 40 hurt


A camp for Iranian dissidents near Baghdad’s international airport was shelled on Monday, wounding more than 40 residents, the opposition People’s Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) said. Read More »

Iranian Journalists Warned Over Foreign Contacts Via SMS


Hundreds of journalists in Iran have been warned against contact with “hostile elements” outside the country via anonymous text messages. Read More »

Islamic General In Iran Threatened Israel By Hundreds thousands rockets!


Julay first 2017 Iranian General in Islamic/ Terorist Group in Iran (Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) General Hosein salami has Threatened Israel By Hundreds thousands From Lebanon! Read More »

Iranian Blogger Sentenced to 444 Lashes for “Spreading Lies”


Local authorities have sentenced an Iranian blogger to 444 lashes for his blog posts about social affairs and civil rights. Read More »

Pastor Saeed Abedini Asks Senators & Congressmen for Urging to Release Maryam Naghash Zargaran


Pastor Saeed abedini  had a wonderful time with Senator James Lankfort of Oklahoma and Congressman Robert Pittenger,On Thursday june 10 2016. Read More »

Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year


Iran’s authorities arrested at least 100 teachers and students in the past year Read More »

Iran:Bans Valentine’s celebrations!


Bans Valentine’s celebrations,By Iranian Police! Read More »

Disgusting:Iran Mocks Captured US Sailors at Revolution Day Parade+VIDEO


Iranian regime mocks captured US sailors at Revolution Day parade. Read More »

Iran embarrassing news : Khamenei awarded IRGC staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal!


Khamenei awarded IRGC(Terorist Militant) staff who seized US sailors with “Fath” Medal! It’s embarrassing news that published  in khamenei website. Read More »